Hello and welcome to our penguin cartoon buddy club general knowledge note book of time.

Selected web page notes from our documentary of human history introduced and
 commented on by numerous penguin people characters from the book series

‘Master of the four keys of time - Legend of the key to world peace’

Enclosed is a wide variety of history notes, quiz questions and answers,
condensed historical factual information, stories, trivia, chronology, music, humour and many
various unique pictures of human historical interest. Also the Key To World Peace.

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Get every new event record and log Keep notes of world life each day Guard eternally.

Definition of the word Legend…

Traditional story as historical myth and inscription or motto.

[Legend of the key to world peace - Master of the four keys of time]


[Philosophically noting Time]

[Sword of Damocles and a brave New World]
[About our cartoon penguin people]

[Monuments to Hindsight and Destruction of History]
[Human Power of ‘The Empire of the Plug’ : Earth People~Positive People~Negative People]

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The Key to World Peace Legend
And Cartoon Buddy Club General Knowledge Note Book of Time

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[Human conflict]

[2nd Leicestershire Regiment Chindit Operation Thursday Burma 1944]

[World War Two]

[Poland an army in exile]

[1st Polish Armoured Division photographs]

[Winston Churchill secret war rooms]

[Historical figures]

[Admiral Lord
Horatio Nelson

[The Duke of Wellington]

[Napoleon Bonaparte]

[Sir Winston Churchill]

[General Stanislaw Maczek]

[Captain Cook]

[Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomory]

[Franklin D Roosevelt]

[General history notes]

[A Royal Wedding]

[Twmbarlwm hill fort]

[Prohibition in cultures ]

[ WOKE ]

[Ships of the World]

[Golden Hinde]

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[HMS Belfast]

[Uss JFK]

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