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Introduced by penguin person General Eco Ully Ruhr Rhine Knowledge :-)

Ecology Penguin, Germany History Buddy.

Hello Buddy. Yes it is perhaps a most unfortunate fact that some people do like to make fun of my name. But to be named after two of the greatest rivers in Germany is not really such a bad thing after all is it?.

Well now. I wonder if you know that the Rhine and the Ruhr are two of the country's largest rivers. They both twist majestically through the vast industrial regions of the land, but are along the way to the sea contaminated with many different unsavoury chemicals.

People have to drink the water from the rivers and fish (along with penguin people) have to swim in it, yuck!.

I do not like it so much myself and pollution of water is not really so good anywhere. But, unfortunately there are many industrial complexes, placed so near to the water, as to now and again have contamination accidents (Do please click one of the links on the page for more details).

So I am here to not only give you notes on the interesting history of the Germany region and it's rulers, but also to talk about some of the the Green issues of the planet.

My history notes

Here is how the monarchy of Germany started.

Around 1000 BC Norse tribes from the Scandinavia region, moved southward and settled at the rivers Rhine, Elbe and Danube, seeking to find more living space and food. By 2000 BC they had enlarged enough in power to remove the various Celtic tribes from the area.

Later in 9 AD The Roman army attempted to subdue these tribes in the Germanic region but failed.

By 5 AD these Vandal'/ Germanic' tribes had grown in strength and conquered the western Europe region. Plundered Rome itself and divided Europe into various tribal kingdoms.

In 496 King of the Germanic Franks' tribe, Clovis, exerts dominance of the Germanic' territories by defeating the Almanni tribe.

Between 772 to 804, Charlemagne King of the Franks tribe, begins the long road to the present day map of Europe by defeating the Saxon' tribes in a series of Wars.

He imposed Christianity on the newly formed kingdom and proclaimed himself the Holy Roman Emperor'. (There was nothing particularly Holy or Roman about the Charlemagne Empire but the very title did give the impression of having the same military power and influence as Imperial Rome had once attained).

On 14th Feb 843. The treaty of Verdun ended the family Frankish War.

(During which brother fought brother and sons fought father for Power of The Holy Roman Empire). Under the treaty terms. The Empire was divided between the sons of Emperor Louis the Pious.

The Western Empire territories were given to son Charles the Bald (this part of the empire is now known as France).

Son Louis the German received the part of the Empire situated East of the Rhine river (this part of the Empire is now known as Germany).

Son Lothair, received a large, but thin stretch of land running from present day Denmark to present day Italy. This area of dissected Empire, ran between both the lands of the other two sons of Louis the Pious.

The King Henry the Fowler' founded a Saxon' tribe dynasty in 919 AD. But in 962 AD, Otto The Great brought back the title of Holy Roman Emperor and enlarged German lands.

By 1024-1254 the Holy Roman Emperors of Hoenstufen and Salian dynasties were in conflict with various Popes and the Empire through many Civil wars, eventually fragmented with various local Princes claiming independence. [ More]

Germany history notes
1000 BC to Saxons

Germany history notes

1. 1000BC to Saxons
2. 12th Century to Adolf Hitler
3. Emperors

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