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Introduced by penguin person General Sushi San Knowledge :-)

A cartoon buddy of Japan who makes history notes.

Hello Buddy. So it is true that some of the oldest and most cultured civilisations came from Asia and are of oriental origin. While the European leaders and peoples lived in the most basic tribal villages the honourable Emperor's lived already in fine palaces and ruled over what at the time was a rather advanced living system. The Emperor's before the Oriental version of Europe's dark ages are mostly like the United Kingdoms King Arthur, mythical, and based on people who probably really did exist but of which there is no absolute proof. The reader of this note page may wish to find a list of Japan's historical Emperor's below.

My Japan history notes

Japan's ancestors were migrants from the mainland of Asia the earliest known being the Ainu clan who arrived around 15000 BC to populate the islands. The first Emperor was said to be Jimmu Tenno 660 BC, but the general history involves only legends up to 98 BC and cannot be proven to any great degree by human archaeologists. Around 450 AD the Yamato clan united the population, and lay claim to being the ancestors of the Imperial line. In the fifth and sixth centuries the religion of Buddhism, the art of writing and philosophy of Confucius spread from China to the Island of Japan. By the middle sixth century the central government was also modelled on the Chinese role model (known as the Taika reform by Emperor Kotoku). By the 12th century the first Shogun (Warrior King and General) emerged from a period of civil war and a succession then ruled Japan in the Emperors name. [ More]

First steps to Japan - The Emperors

Time periods

98 BC TO 592AD (Mythical to Yamato)

592 TO 710 AD - Asuka

710 TO 794 AD - Nara

794 TO 1192 AD - Heian

1192 TO 1333 AD - Kamakura

1334 TO 1392 AD - Namboku

1392 TO 1573 AD - Muromachi

1573 TO 1603 AD - Momyama

1603 TO 1867 AD - Edo

1868 TO 1912 AD - Meiji

1912 TO 1926 AD - Taisho

1926 TO 1989 AD - Showa

98 BC - Shjin - Tenno

30 BC - Suinin

71 BC  - Keiko - Tenno

131 BC Dark ages. No written history (Seimo)

193 AD - Chuai - Tenno

200 AD - Ojin - Tenno

313 AD - Nintoku - Tenno

400 AD - Ristu

406 AD - Hanso

411 AD - Inygo

456 AD - Yuriaku

479 AD - Seinei

484 - Kenso

488 - Ninken

499 - Buretsu

506 - Keitai

531 - Ankan

537 - Senkva

539 - Kimmei

572 - Bidatsu

586  - Yomei

588 - Sushun

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Japan history notes
Emperors 98 BC to 588 BC

Japan history notes

1. Emperors 98BC to 588
2. Emperors 582 to 1989

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