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1. United Kingdom Kings and Queens
2. Anglo Saxon to 1066 Norman
3. Hanover to Windsor
4. Tower of London
5. House of Parliament
6. Sir Winston Churchill
7. Secret Cabinet War Rooms WW2
8. Winston Churchill WW2
9. Duke of Wellington
10. Wellington 1769-1852
11. Admiral Horatio Nelson
12. Horatio Nelson 1758-1805
13. Lord Horatio Nelson 1758-1805
14. Bernhard Law Montgomery

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson

The picture below is of Lord Horatio Nelson
Admiral of the Royal Navy.

His autograph is also shown below his prayer.

Lord Horatio Nelson Royal Navy Admiral Nelson autograph

Lord Horatio Nelsons Prayer

1st October 1805

May the Great God,whom I worship,grant to my

Country and for the benefit of Europe in general,a

great and glorious Victory:and may no misconduct,

in any one,tarnish it:and may humanity after victory

be the predominant feature in the British Fleet.

For myself individually,I commit my life to Him

who made me and may His blessing light upon my

endeavours for serving my Country faithfully.

To Him I resign myself and the just cause which is

entrusted to me to defend.


Horation Nelson uniform

Nelson wore his undress uniform at the Battle of

Trafalgar while aboard HMS Victory.
It carried the stars of Nelsons all four orders of knighthood on the left breast.

Top clockwise these are:

The Order of the Bath.

The Turkish Order of the Crescent.

The cross of the German Chapteral
Order of St Joachim.

The Neapolitian Order of St Ferdinand and Merit.

Page 11. Admiral
Lord Horatio Nelson

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