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Charter of the United Nations

Union A Changing World - In the hands of Parliament or the Peoples Democracy?

Hello Buddy. Although there is not now nor has there ever been a single Nation in existence called and being Europe (it is a continent, containing the borders of many Nations) there is now a political flag that symbolises the trading partnership of the trading, political, and social experiment that combines many independent Nations within the framework called The European Union. I cannot unfortunately wear this flag until it is a recognised independent sovereign Nation, although Nationalism toward the flag and continent is encouraged politically by humans. Westphalian Sovereignty for just a single flag, not all, has another name and purpose other than peace though they have said to be for peace at the time, as it has been shown in the past under other single political flags.

Political flags themselves are not new in history. For a few examples, Russia had the Hammer and sickle symbol of the Soviet Union for many years, Germany had the Swastika Symbol of the National Socialist party for many years. Neither using the traditional National flags while re-forming the countries under them into new political entities. Each of the political systems under these flags of course were all very different from each other depending upon the policies followed by their particular leaders.

Today the EEC (European Economic Community) has been changed by political treaty over the years to the new EU (European Union), with the simple trading partnership becoming a full political partnership having Civil Servants pooled from all over the included countries working for the European Union Parliament in Brussels, and many other organisations created under the banner to regulate all aspects of daily life for the Citizens of the project.

It is noted that the actual political change and dependence upon a foreign central government administration with the various departments responsible for daily life was agreed between politicians, and never voted upon by democratic vote. Although a vote for Members of the European Parliament (Not the commission overseeing the Parliament or President) is allowed by ordinary people. One hopes that the ordinary people will not return MEP’S that promise extreme views that could take over the EU Parliament and also the commission, after losing faith with the conventional candidates and parties. No consideration has been made for a single (or more countries) whose democratic process may in the future have wished to exit this agreement smoothly, and within a pre agreed strategy, without conflict of interest, was included in the signing only a limited time frame of doing so. A basic error, as any country wishing to remove itself after so deeply embedding into this administration would obviously be the cause of much political and social conflict and unrest.

Being both a trading and political organisation, Money from all member states is pooled and distributed into many projects designed to enhance the lives of ordinary people, also it is policy to encourage the transfer of industry and unemployed or low paid workers to alternative Nations within the EU borders.

There is at present no uniform house prices, wage, working and living conditions or medical/pension structures within all the member countries. So free movement to a better nation structure is encouraged as a right. And this is also a source of much contention within individual nations, who have and have not the structures in place for quality of life.

With so much power the EU has the possibility of doing so much good, or not. That is up to the politicians as much as that the people of Europe are somewhat split to the idea of so much power being outside of their ability to vote for their own opinions, and the possible creation of a single Political Superstate Union that overrules any individual nations laws, policies, trade, and borders.

Some are happy to be part of the new Club of Countries, some see it as a danger. As an example to this a referendum in the United Kingdom saw a leave the club vote. Also a large proportion of this population wanted to stay in the club. Questions here arose as those who lost the vote wanted another referendum not accepting the result, and what is democracy if a result of any vote is not honoured? Whoever won or lost a new referendum would not accept that result either just call all for yet another catch 22.

So who will put the house of Europe and the world in order so peace will flourish? There is apparently yet to be a singular politician to step forward with the ability to allay all the fears and disagreements between peoples, and change the system without fear for his or her own personal employment after a political career, and payment of wages by the State. The Presidents past and present or Commission has yet to do so. It is also beyond the Parliaments Limited powers.

So Europe and the entire World and time must wait and see how the economic, political and social experiment develops, or indeed ends, as there is a limited supply of Nations contributing funds as much as the copious supply benefiting. Corruption is very difficult to control in any Government, especially one with such an array of potential political parties.  

As leaving this club is frowned upon the politicians speak of consequences threatening trouble and strife for the leaver, civil and economic disruption. So if the EU were to become by treaty the Earth United Global entity it would be the same. You have no choice. In, or being out. Much good could be done, or much evil in the name of democracy. Depends really on who is elected in this new World Empire. A new Rome run by the biggest Caesars. Of funds from the citizens (Pun) .

The Peace of Westphalia is being replaced and upgraded. To what though? Something to think about and watch unfold. To be a citizen of a State or Nation one has to choose to which flag one belongs, and has allegiance too, and in all good conscience why. Sovereignty for all flags or just one. Free Democracy for all, or none. Trade is just to make a quick profit. Social cohesion, equality, respect and political order is far from that and takes centuries to evolve, and just years to destroy by enforcing progress in the wrong directions.

Ruling by fear of and by persecution always been the way culturally within Europe, and much of the World. Persecution by removal of trade has always also been a weapon of the persecutor. Causing civil unrest, and the undermining of nations to gain political lordship over them.

One wonders if those who talk of peace and progress today while still entertaining the traditional source of outdated social management through fear and trade leverage. Realise. That while cheap labour may be profitable, high rents, high cost of living and house prices and destroying independent nations maybe beneficial to some to acquire personal gain. Also the forcing of societies to move through war and poverty, and to also mix, while assuming that they would automatically forget their historical grievances for the sake of jobs. That this profitable peace may be overrun internally by the very forces of non peace that they outwardly purport to never again see return. Or is that the aim? Produce Scapegoats to be made ready, social, then political upheaval, and then domination. As in the past. This time subverting in open sight under the banner of Peace, a single flag. Techniques such as persuading youth that the older generations are a threat and are responsible for all ills, not the state, and that loyalty to the state overrides respect for them. The propaganda machine, well funded and operated. Any resistance through debate shouted down as uneducated. Street demonstrations well funded with the flag of power fluttering ahead and well placed everywhere to affect the conscious, and subconscious mind. Tried and tested techniques. By political flags and entities of the past. If so, ruling by fear of and by persecution with today's modern tools, social media, trade, nuclear weapons. What happened during the second world war. Will return tenfold. Should a single state of Europe, or World, be controlled Democratically or otherwise by an entity or entities that millions upon millions feel they have no control over, or way out. Revolution. Rebellion. Revelation. Would be the order of the day in the future. The EU is a good idea. Just avoid the pitfalls of history and greed.

A Planet at peace means a peace for all not just the rich and powerful. All peoples lives are of the same worth. Get progress right and that is what humanity will earn. However. A Planet without people would also be a peaceful place. Get progress wrong, and that is what the Planet will have and humanity will also have earned.

So what can one observe at this moment in time? Riots in the Capitol of France against the cost of living and tax demands. Demonstrations against and also for migration of people into Europe (and America). The accelerated growth of homeless living on the streets of every city. People attempting to enter alternative and specific countries of Europe (and America) while risking their own lives and their families, by any means, many also paying thousands in payments toward criminal gangs to do so. Building of walls to keep these people from from entering borders.

The destruction of whole countries and their social and economic structures. High price rental accommodation, high house prices, temporary jobs, zero hour jobs, part time jobs, jobs requiring expensive to run cars to get back and fore, high train transport costs high bus transport costs, jobs far away from home base requiring transport. High street shops closing in abundance because there is little left in the coffers of the worker and also online buying is cheaper (for now). Certain ethnic groups living in fear of other ethnic group attacks (the unmentionable and unpalatable events daily). The talk of protecting a single market for goods avoiding talk of protecting a pooled sovereignty political union where every day life is regulated and controlled.

The word Citizen being used erroneously (try putting European Citizen on a passport application. It will state error select country). Parliaments unable to deliver Democratic votes of their peoples (Majority wins) without there being a demand for another vote for whatever reasons (best out of three is not democracy, never has been). So what can one deduce from the above?

One size fits all, it can or cannot work? The European Union is democratic? The European Union is undemocratic? Article 50 and the Maastricht treaty is well written for all the peoples of Europe to share and enjoy democracy with no overall rulers such as France and Germany? The people of Europe are at Peace and happy? There is only hope for the future? Well you decide and change what you do not like. Its Democracy. First past the post majority wins. Or is it?.


A democratic superpower or global power with pooled sovereignty and government what could be a problem with that? Well provided no one at all ever wants leave and votes count for little except those that are for the state not against it, and you are the insider nothing at all. However if that is not the case. How could you ever leave the Union when the sovereignty you thought you still had, the non pooled bit, had miraculously vanished in political arguments and trade/border treaties negotiation or differences when you are classified as the outsider.

If a superpower or global power is to be formed on the planet without the process of warfare and be democratic. It should be voted on by all the peoples of Europe having their say, not just by politicians. The present European mess and strife with Brexit is simply because a treaty was signed without all the peoples consent by majority vote. Without all of them knowing full well the consequences and processes of who by, and how the process would work that Europe as a whole and everyday life, theirs, would be run. Shout, argue, debate. See all points of view and understand them. But a vote by majority is democracy or where democracy ends if there is no faith in the outcome by all sides. Without democracy, real democracy, a super power or global power is a very dangerous thing in the wrong hands. Whoever usurps power by devious methods.


Brexit Deal or No Deal? An erroneous question. Exiting the EU would obviously require order of planning and cooperation. However, No deal is a fundamental part of the legal document and base component of the Maastricht treaty signing. Deal is not legally binding only a suggestion. Any conflict or catastrophes associated with a no deal is the fault of the above article 50. All EU country members have signed to it. It is the basis of the EU and the only way out, legally.

Interference in national sovereignty is against the terms of the very treaty itself and use of it in negotiation however so, breaks the terms of the treaty. The treaty therefore is faulty and open to misuse.

Simple Analyses of a complicated situation of [any] countries withdrawal from a Treaty and deal making.

A ‘deal’ that keeps the UK ‘all but’ within the EU is voted down by both pro Brexit and anti Brexit parliament.
‘No deal’ is voted against, although it is the only legal way out on World Trade Organisation rules.

Article 50 may be ‘suspended’ therefore although it is written in the Maastricht Treaty as international law.

Result of the above? - The UK or any other country in this political situation will never EVER leave the EU control.

The vote to stay or remain is a pointless exercise to display ‘democracy’ which does not exist, as the check mate is as above and EU removal impossible whatever the public choose to decide. Arguments are therefore pointless. The deduction of this entire process is that as a Sovereign Parliament no longer represents all the people it serves it becomes redundant and a local council at great expense to the greater whole of the EU project. The only vote that would count as a voice and effective would be to the MEP and Brussels Parliament alone. This of course is actually correct for all 28 nations who are signed to the treaty. Who can now watch their own future of independence reflected as to the outcome of the UK parliament situation. There is no escape even if you wanted too. Just as well you do not it is supposed. It would seem the British Parliament is full of MP members who do not want to leave the EU  group under any circumstances, no matter how many vote otherwise.

Chaos is down to conflict of interest alone. Much Shouted aloud By those who have caused it.
Chaos is caused by bad management of a situation and exasperated by conflict of interest


What is the real and only root of all Evil?:- Conflict of interest.

An Essay for Euro-enthusiasts and Euro-Sceptics alike to observe Europe, European Citizenship/Union
and the Maastricht Treaty beyond the facades of  Political verbal Waffle, argument and News Propaganda


 - Leo Abse M.P., Solicitor, Social Reformer

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Progress of Democracy and Peace in Europe since 1945.
Who actually attains the most influence of Agenda within Europe by party and state?

European People's Party - European Peoples Party members

The Presidents of the European Commission Political parties to which they belong? Past and Present.

European Union

Citizenship of the European Union a new legal identity?

Sphere sovereignty

Christian democracy

Christian Democrat

Liberal Conservatism

The Brussles Business - European Roundtable of Industrialists

Differences of Political thought by people of influence in Europe after,before and during World War Two.

Theodor Oberländer quote:-

"The struggle for ethnicity is nothing other than the continuation of war by other means under the cover of peace. Not a fight with gas, grenades, and machine-guns, but a fight about homes, farms, schools and the souls of children, a struggle whose end, unlike in war, is not foreseeable as long as the insane principle of the nationalism of the state dominates the Eastern region, a struggle which goes on with one aim:extermination.

(The fear in foundation or not?.. A Leopard never changes its spots. Chameleon species can become politicians).

Another side of the thought coin

Franz Viktor Wefel Letter 1945:-

‘There was not a single man who paid more attention to God than - the Gestapo

Another side of the philosophical and political thought coin

Subsidiarity over Soverignty - Corporatism over Europe - Corporatocracy over peoples

Karl Popper

Jean Claude Junker

The European Union must turn into a major sovereign power on the global stage making the world in its image.

Ask not how to obtain power,but,why you actually want it,and how would it evolve. Hitler was democratically elected. Emblazoned his flag with a peace symbol. Sought to Unite the people of Europe. He spoke of bringing Peace to Europe.He also wanted to become a superpower. Ultra Nationalism incorporating youth and the people against any that question the state. One Empire. One Sovereign Nation above and controlling all others. Economically, social division and by Law of it’s own making. Remember.

Please be cautious to history. Learn from history. Do not repeat history by other means.

Lest we forget and repeat mistakes in the chase for progress,temporary profit, divisions and ‘New Orders’.
Of which the ordinary peoples may have to remove yet again from history, by pointless conflict with each other for the agenda of the few who have always in history fanatically always assumed that they are right and the cause of overlordship justifiable.

Why has Europe Enjoyed Freedom since 1945? Operation Overlord

Maastricht treaty. The way Forward? Possibly? No Alternative?.

Deal or No deal? Default to World Trade Organisation rules. These are the only choices. Or are they? The Vienna Convention on the law of treaties consultation is a possible option. For the following unforeseen reasons, complications and conditions unique to the UK and its relationship with Europe and also toward the various Nations consisting of the United Kingdom itself.

1. The Maastricht treaty itself was not signed by the Prime Minister only a foreign secretary.

As no SINGLE Prime Minister or Parliament in the UK Union has the right to transfer any Sovereignty pooled or otherwise that has been given to them in trust by ALL the people of the VARIOUS Nations consisting of the UK to the ‘collective’ London Parliament without a full national OBLIGATORY public vote especially after a referendum was promised in writing, act of Parliament and verbally being used to attain party parlimentary power, but not effected or given to be withdrawn.The signing of this treaty was therefore dictated by Political interest not Democracy, through mis-representation of act,promise and personal party gain . The Public were unaware of the extent of the transfer of Sovereignty and not consulted. (European_Union_Act_2011)

2. The default WITHDRAWAL position of the treaty would unintentionally be detrimental to Democracy and individual nations, as National Parliaments and SUPPORTING pooled Administrations would have conflict of interest to any Democratic vote results TO LEAVE. Conflict of interest was not foreseen or considered.

3. The default position for withdrawal by the UK would therefore actually be on the previous treaty terms (of the EEC) as this treaty was given by consent via Democracy by national FREE vote. The actual upgrade of the EEC treaty to the Maastrict Treaty should therefore be given new thorough consideration to avoid National, International and Democratic crisis.

The unique historical framework of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island contains a pooled Parliament which has no authority given by the people to transfer powers to another entity without public vote.

The members of the European Union should consider this as they attempt to enable the treaty re-negotiation. This situation is unique in history. A Sovereign state is protected under the United Nations Charter.The United Kingdoms sovereignty is unique in that the geographical Union it contains, relies upon the Democracy of vote from all its own member states. This Sovereignty cannot be pooled or given away by treaty to third party states. The unforeseen consequences of a National Parliament not consulting the people who only give the Parliament power by FREE vote.

4. Therefore as to the reasons of the above and to the peaceful resolution of economic, social and democratic harmony of all parties. The Vienna Convention judges should analyse the situation. Reverting from the second treaty to the first trade agreement given by public democratic agreement may be possible and suggested as an alternative negative result for all. Possibly.

Democracy Speech:-

Franklin D. Roosevlet 1936

If you should ask people to vote and have and had no intention to honour the result you make a fool of all the voters.

BOTH Winners and losers. The same applies if the vote is corrupted by design.

Acts of Union - United Kingdom - Great Britain

Historical Forced Assmilation into England of Scotland, Wales and Ireland created the Union of Great Britain and its Soverignty.
Ironic how Forced Assimilation into the EU by avoiding a National Referendum has about turned history and the vote

to leave the EU has handed back a form of Soverignty to Parliament and also a large proportion of the population who do not want it back. Assimilation into any institution, organisation or Government is easy to do, very hard to undo.

The end of the beginning the beginning of the end. What will become of humanity and all countries in the future?

Trade and Power:- The workers are the ultimate customer,the voter and employer of the polititians,the fabric of all nations and societies. The foundations of humanities Pyramid without whose cooperation the Pyramid collapses or ceases to be.
Every controlling power throughout history that have treated them with contempt have done and do so have always tempted their own peril.

*All and every individual Country are already ‘unions’ of others. Jigsaws on a geographical map.

Article Notes PP General Starry EU Eyed.

# On leaving the European Union, the ‘Westminster Parliament’ of the United Kingdom (The only Parliament within the countries of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales that holds AN ultimate overriding power of Parliamentary Sovereignty. Which has been withheld as a ‘right’ denied to each ‘individual’ country) has to prove itself still capable of Administration and Worthiness to hold this Parliamentary Sovereignty ‘alone’.
The EU has highlighted the fact that many ‘countries’ that are formed as a ‘Union’ of other countries within Europe have the same complicated structure of single Parliamentary Sovereignty, gained by historical military repression.

Before ‘sharing’ Parliamentary Sovereignty with foreign institutions or structures and under the banner of other particular flags. Individual countries within a Union have a right to have Parliamentary Sovereignty first being offered, then to return under their own flags and administrations. Even if by agreement shared by all within a Union. Not just one Parliament unable to Administer.         

Trouble and strife? Not to worry. The European Economic Community evolved by design into the European Union and next it will be the Earth Union of a single trading block controlling every aspect of everyday life, laws, and every flag will be united under a single blue starred political flag. Guided by a single council and parliament, arguments will be a thing of the past. Enjoy the next phase everyone. You have no choice by design of the creators of the end of the Westphalian Sovereignty age.

Article Notes PP General Starry EU Eyed.

Quotes from Politicians:-

European Union President Jean Claude Junker.
“The European Union must turn into a major sovereign power on the global stage making the world in its image”

Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister on the European Union Commission.
 “We are trying to get Eastern Europe to accept democratic standards and here we are recreating our own politburo”

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