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What's new pussycat? What's that? Well it is a 1964 comedy film by British director Clive Donner that captured humorously the spirit of the sixties era. Starring Ursula Andress, Peter O'Toole, Peter Sellers, Romy Schneider and included the acting talents of Woody Allen (who also wrote the script). The title theme tune of the film was sung by Welsh voice Tom Jones (Thomas Jones Woodward).

It is also a good title for New Interesting Items within the web-site so the cartoon buddy club are now using the phrase - What's new pussycat? Paws for thought - as the title of the latest pages of things to stop and think about content.

This interesting piece about the United Kingdom and European integration is written and submitted by Authoress Ann Cahill, writer of her book 51st State.

What are your views? Vote in the poll, submit your own objective observations, or answer Ann's observations and thoughts.

Europe - A Question of Loyalty ?

There are three things that in some way concern us all; Law and order, an ever increasing violent crime rate - matched only by the reluctance of the judiciary to allow the punishment to fit the crime. Immigration, the fine line, that separates the arguments, that a multi ethnic multi faith community enriches all who live there, and the view that the indigenous population is in danger of losing it's own identity, is wavering, with the extremists on both sides becoming more vocal. Pollution, our disposable population produces vast amounts of waste. Much of it is hazardous, and large corporations grow richer, without always putting the safety of people before profit.

There are, of course many other issues, but however rich, however young, however famous, these three will in some way touch our lives. Whatever your politics I am sure that you will be in some way dissatisfied with the way the British government, be it past or present, has handled it. Imagine then a situation where our government no longer handles it.

Decisions of this magnitude will be made by people who won't even pretend to have British interests at heart. They will say they are working in the best interests of the whole of Europe. Even if that were true (rather than their own region) it poses many questions. What if it was deemed that Europe's best interests would be served, by using the UK as the storage area for all toxic and nuclear waste from the entire Federal states of Europe?

Scare mongering? Perhaps, but it's what I'd do, given that this is an island reducing the risk of spread in an accident. What if Brussels decided that all violent offenders and unsocial elements were to housed in the UK? There are many countries that consider it safer to house those deemed to pose the highest threat to society, in one area with maximum security. Not as far fetched as it might first appear.

What if the rest of Europe voted to house all illegal immigrants and asylum seekers only in the UK ? Again, it would be easier to process them in one area. Ridiculous? Ask the people of Dover. Remember we are not just talking about those genuinely fleeing persecution, (for they too would continue to suffer, being lumped in with everyone else) and those involved in importing drugs, organised crime, etc may also be put here. Supposing this worst case scenario was proposed. What would you do? Write to your MP? He's in Brussels, within the safety zone. Take to the streets? The rest of Europe deals with protesters slightly differently to us, they use tear -gas and water cannons. [More]

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