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The Elephant Bird is a graceful Bird

It flits from bough to bough

It makes it's nest in a rhubarb tree

and poops like a cow

If your into ornithology and It looks like ones in sight

please take a tip from one who knows

and spread your wings-take flight.

(For all those dumped upon by a seagull)


An inquisitive child once asked of me

Nanny why on earth did he come.

When God who knows all knew all along

What those cruel Romans would do.

With a thoughtful reply and the wink of

an eye I said there would be no Christmas

or loving Children to ask questions like you.

(The self sacrifice of one man for humanity
celebrated by children worldwide on his ‘birthday’)

Shakespeare built the globe theatre in London and made it the home

of his words and plays. Ice cream unfortunately was not served in his day.

Cartoon Buddy Club Poetry Book Collection

shakespears globe theatre knowledge cartoon character

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Poetry Book Collection

1 Elephant Bird
2 Christ mass Time

3 Lifes short day/The Money Tree
4 Gun
5 Plastic World

6 No Religion of any kind
7 End of Day
8 Dreams (Better World)
9 Empire of the plug
10 Taking time to read plaques
11 Failure of all humanity to matter