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Hello Buddy. Welcome to our story board.

Here are interesting stories that have been told by others.



Jill was eight years old and in a few days time the Berlin wall would start to be built (20 August 1961). The journey from Wales UK was a long one to Poland for three children, mother and father in a single car. But Jill absolutely loved travelling and car trips were her favourite window to the world. Victor her father had to drive far to take his family to his birthplace of Katowice Poland to visit his large family which he had infrequently visited since wartime. Plane travel was expensive and at the time flights to Poland fairly rare.

On arrival Brother Alois had taken a shine to Victors automobile and asked if he could drive it. So the next day an ad-hoc countryside drive was arranged, with Alois at the wheel and Jill begged to go along leaving the other children to play with their cousins.

Visiting many familiar places around Katowice Jill loved her father describing the areas where he grew up. Many twists and turns in the road and then for her father an unusual unfamiliar road was turned into.

Before any words could be said about the new route Jill started to scream uncontrollably from the rear seat.

Let me out! Let me out!' In an hysterical tone.

The brothers stopped the car and tried to pacify the little girl. She leapt from the car and started to run in the opposite direction to the main highway, her father managed to restrain her and get her back to the car. Alois had already tuned the vehicle around and then picked the pair up. Jill stopped the most unusual display as soon as she realised the vehicle was heading back to the highway.

' Has she ever behaved like that before? ' asked Alois.

'No. Never' replied Victor. ' She loves the car I can't think what's wrong? '

' Do you know what is at the end of that road? asked Alois shaking his head. Oswiecim' (Auschwitz, a wartime Nazi death camp).

Victor just looked at his brother. Neither said another word (or Jill) until they returned home. A very strange event.

Jill many years later still vividly remembered the incident. But all she can think back to of her hysterical behaviour that day in the car is that suddenly she could not see, think properly, and that everything went sort of black. And she had never had any sort of experience like that since that event.

Did Jill that day have some sort of an affinity with past events that day?

Or maybe just picked up on some sort of spiritual side... You decide. [More]


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