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A collection of cartoon buddy songs.

Not exactly the best form of communication, but the first mail post service Coach was state of the art in 1784, when Post-master John Palmer brought in the first of it's kind mail coach, to travel between the City of Bristol and London.

The first song of the silly song book is dedicated to the mail system, which is rapidly becoming second best to electronic mail.

First Royal Mail Coach Picture

Cow Pat Kicking.. Country and Western

YE... E @ MAIL

I have... Seen the blazing sunshine

I have... Felt The pouring rain

I have... Heard the booming thunder roll across the endless plains.

  I have... Saw the mighty lightening

I have... Struggled through the tallest trees

I have... Forded streams and rivers swirling cold around the knees.

  I have... Sailed across the widest oceans

I have... Braved the raging storms

I have... Climbed the highest mountains crossed many arid deserts long.

  I have... Done all this to bring a message

I have... Carried for so long

  I have... Through all this long journey darn well forgotten what it was.

  Well next time you send a message

To someone around the world.

Let your fingers do hard Walking and

Leave the talking to the YE... E @ electronic mail.

(In memory of the first postal service and The Poney Express)


- Songs From The School Yard -

(To be sung in the style of Wet Wet Wet)

I feel it in my fingers

I feel it up my nose

I pick it and I flick it

to see how far it goes.


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