Sword of Damocles and a Brave New World
- The Future -

The Human Greed Disease Pandemic

History is in the making yet again from the Human Greed Disease highlighting how the actions of a very greedy few can affect the lives of a great many. The Greed Disease is Humanity made alone and is caused by an un-natural interaction with nature, usurping all natures resources for self gain and personal profit. An interaction that has overtaken all the Human family Globally causing unimaginable heartache and strife to individuals and irreparable damage to nature.

Humanity as a whole species and its unthinking unintended interactions have also effected the exact same result of catastrophe to the whole natural world and the very empire of nature itself, causing unimaginable damage to the Planet Earth nature reserve of all species large and small contained therein and without in various ways.

Nature however is also the police of planet Earth, and it has responded in an equally unforgiving unthinking kind reflecting Humanity in its own quite callous non caring self absorbed agenda. Protection of itself and its property just as Humanity has done in replicating a life form to survive and multiply at will although through it’s success, the life form may also kill the host that gives it life in the first place as an unintended consequence of events. The nature reserve of Earth along with all its own resources of life and abundance is policed and protected by Nature itself, from all threats, even that which arises from Humanity, a single unified species (although in that it fails even now to recognise as a whole through skin shade and culture) and the greed disease it festers.

Earth and Nature allows Humanity to survive. Not the other way around. Nature is the Planet. It owns the Planet. It owns itself. It is free and gives life. It does not possess the greed disease. It has no need of that. Its function is to protect what is has already given freely. Life. Humanity is only  a single species. Through the greed disease and disrespect of its surroundings, surroundings it can never own however many lines for borders one writes on a map. Humanity threatens its own very existence. Gradually year by year. Century by century.

Nature has firmly warned that this is not Humanities Earth to own. Earth does not belong to, or is owned by one species. Earth and all its species is policed by Nature. A police that both tolerates then lays down the law it has made to protect the Nature reserve.

All the weapons, all the wealth, all the politics, all the power, all the greed falls far short of natures law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Humanity is clever. And by being clever has condemned itself to natures law by abusing the Planet. Humanity has had many many warnings from this. Returning to the normal abuse of Nature is not a wise option, as the abused will be the final judge of the abusers. Nature.

What use is power to act,wealth and superior intellect above all other species if not used for the good of all. Planet, people and nature? Temporary and an eventual dead end.

Damocles Fable

Damocles was a simple man within the court of a powerful king. Damocles flattered and sought favour with the King pointing out the superior attributes of wealth, social position and power of the Great King, while also Damocles himself in his own mind dreaming to desire the Kings attributes and luxury lifestyle for himself. Damocles purported that the Kings power and wealth made him a great man above all other men. Superior in every way.

The King offered in reply to exchange places with Damocles for one day to show a simple man what it would be like to be powerful, superior in every way to all other men.  Damocles accepted as it was all he had wished and dreamed for.

Damocles sat on the Kings throne and after relishing the riches and power before his eyes, noticed a large sword suspended by a single horse hair directly above the throne and his head. With the creation of great power wealth and vanity, also may come great danger and a fate that one has no power over noted the King to a frightened Damocles.

Damocles decided to hand back the throne instantly, as luxury and power seeking for itself was not worth risking the thread of fortune may break at any moment, the gravity of nature may transform a situation of the all powerful to self destruction in a hairs breath. With great power comes great responsibility. In the end treat all fairly with respect, Humanity and the Natural World and Worlds. Then the Gravity of any situation may lighten so the sword of Damocles will not fall.

The Spirit of Peace and Light along with the Natural order and law of Nature will reign over all things, with Humanity, or without it.

And will still, if Humanity should listen to its many warnings or not. Putting faith in metal, a number, or paper, greed or ego will of course change Humanity. Faith in the Spirit of Peace and Light and Nature will of course, also change Humanity.

The choice mixes and results of choices and the future course of Humanity are yet to be seen. Will all Governments work together to combat the Humanity Greed Disease Pandemic and thus allow Nature to evolve in Peace and continue to police the Planet as it should, and not how Humanity has tried to do, ineffectively, and with great damage by usurping its resources for temporary profit?

The answer is really up to those who have the sword of Damocles hanging by a thread above their heads. Those leaders speaking and acting on behalf of Humanity. Nature is the actual Sword by the way. And that lot have been pulling at the thread for a very long time. And not even caring about it. Except in words, for political gain. (The greed disease)


Life is all about bubbles. The poor live in theirs, the average live in theirs, the rich live in theirs. All striving to progress or at least just to survive. All are just one family one race (DNA proof), one species, living within a single bubble of bubbles, the life holder the Nature reserve and preserve, Planet Earth.

The Universe is full of Bubbles also. Many Barren and desolate. Before Humanity seeks to mine or populate or travel to any other than its own Earth bubble, it has to make sure that Peace is made within its own social bubbles and without, so that it does not eventually emulate barren worlds as its own home such as these through conflict.

Society and culture may differ but the ultimate Earth bubble holds all that in, until Humanity realises that the life of an orphan living under a bridge, holds the same very worth as the richest of the rich to Nature.

The single poverty stricken child from wherever, may grow up to discover many cures for Humanities ills given education and aid. Nature in its random policing may have hidden that for millennia under the cover of the Greed Disease Pandemic that has evolved throughout human time. A child born to poverty in a stable and its life story in changing the World, is a lesson that is always told but hardly ever learnt correctly.

Natures Revenge or warning?

The more quickly humanity work together to end virus pandemics killing millions. The more quickly they can work afterwards to create more weapons of mass destruction, pollution and wars to destroy them all and the planet. They never learn. Or do they? Will they? One will keep note. Keep safe. Keep the Earth safe too.

Tear It Down with anger and destroy - The Destruction with Hindsight History

Monuments were made by the society of the Time reflecting society at the time. Tearing down any monument and destroying it with anger by the hindsight of a present society is understandable, but is it logical? By this very hindsight anger reason should all Monuments, statues, paintings, books, be destroyed just because of this hindsight itself.

Those Monuments of all famous figures and things from history such as the Greek and Roman Empire and Emperors.

Napoleon and his Empire. Kings and Queens of Spain and their Empire. The American Civil War and the prominent players.

The German Empire Characters. Queen Victoria and her Empire. Winston Churchill and the remaining British Empire etc.

You can of course just wipe away history and sanitise it with anger and destruction.

But with real hindsight without anger or destruction, Monuments that may offend the society of today can either be placed

in a museum where the history can be told. Or remain in the street where the history can be told.

So that all future generations learn and understand suffering of the past. Burning books, destruction of Art, it has been done before.

What remains undestroyed is all that Humanity has left of its History and the ability to understand it and learn from it.

The Colosseum in Rome and all those Roman Empire statues and structures are monuments to slavery, greed and violent death, however to tear down such things because they offend would not only be cultural vandalism, but educationally catastrophic.

WOKE (With Objection Killing Empathy)

With Objection Killing Empathy. A minority undemocratic censorship through gradual suppression and physical destruction of all Art forms, historical facts, religious beliefs and freedoms of speech. Involves physical destruction of Books, art statues, cultural history. WOKE contains many forms with alternative political and cultural agendas, all vying for supremacy and human thought control. Rewriting the way people (Should) think has been called many things throughout history, depending on the minority that actually insist that (the population should think this way without Empathy). WOKE re awoke to teach about historical and present injustice and slavery, it’s use in practise however, can have two sides of tolerance to the nature of it. Who rewrites history, repeats it.

 Poor Medical Understanding on Vaccines

Smallpox was once the deadliest human killing disease in the world. The hemorrhagic strain killed 99.9 percent of its infected victims while the original strain infected 80 plus percent of Europe and killed a third plus of its victims. It was only because much of the world outside of Europe had not been discovered or contacted at the time that humanity did not suffer entirely as a whole.
Once other countries were discovered, entire populations and cultures were wiped out from the disease.

Dr Edward Jenner discovered and developed a vaccine that combated and nullified the worst effects of the disease, saving millions upon millions of human lives for the rest of history to come. The vaccine Jenner had made had much opposition from many quarters, and differing reasons. The vaccine still saved humanity from smallpox, despite this opposition. Would you have been one of those to oppose its use? Then you would have been responsible for the victims of the smallpox disease being devastating and still virulent worldwide today. Just a thought, as the world today is interconnected and much easier for a disease to flourish and be around for centuries, untreated.

As we now go to contemplate a thoughtful lyrical line ‘All things bright and beautiful - Humans may destroy them all’ (at the present moment this is times alternative projected and poetically sad contemplation concerning ‘progress’) the club wishes you the best of luck, common sense and real lasting unity and understanding to all within your Human Race. You are going to need all of that that you can get to survive, and perhaps, alter this particular version of All things bright and beautiful’ … In the Future?

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