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“Who are you?” asked the beautiful Princess lowering the rusty old axe. “I have never heard a tree talk before!”

The trees face opened its large eyes and the mouth moved again. “I am a story telling tree!” it said in a firm but rather sad sounding voice. “The last of the story telling trees in fact, and if you chop me down I shall no long be able to tell any of my tales to visitors who should pass this way.”

“Well that would not be right!” exclaimed the beautiful Princess and she lowered the rusty old axe quickly replacing it back to where she had found it. “I shall collect the branches that have already fallen from you naturally, and use those for firewood instead.”

“Thank you!” boomed the story telling tree and the wooden mouth gave a large smile. ”For your kindness, I shall be glad to tell you a different story every day, if you should wish to visit me again.”

The beautiful Princess smiled back. “Thank you very much!” she said. “I shall look forward to visiting you again.”

The beautiful Princess quickly gathered some of the story telling trees fallen branches and returned to her castle. From then on the beautiful Princess would return to the story telling tree whenever she could and was told the most amazing tales by this old tree and they both lived happily ever after. [More]

the story telling tree legend

A collection of story telling tree stories.

Hello Buddy... On this page are tales that were told to young Penguin People by the story telling tree as night time stories. Maybe young human's may like them too. The first story is of the story telling tree, the rest are those told by the tree itself.

Legend of The Story Telling Tree

Once upon a very long time ago and far away toward the stars end there lay a huge green forest that blanketed the land.

In this enchanted place within an ancient stone walled castle almost hidden amongst the trees, there lived the most beautiful of beautiful Princess’s.

“Oh dear!” this beautiful Princess said to herself while observing the large wood burning fireplace that heated her room crackle with ever decreasing in size, but still wildly dancing flames. “The fire is going out in my room, I will fetch some more wood from the forest.”

The beautiful Princess walked from the castles great timber gates and strolled into the forest picking up fallen branches to use for firewood as she went.

In next to no time the beautiful Princess had entered a clearing that she could not remember ever visiting before, and confronting her was the strangest of strange trees.

“You are the most peculiar of oddities?” the beautiful Princess laughed noting the almost face like texture of this trees bark, her shimmering eyes roaming along the tree trunk to what appeared to be eyes a nose and mouth carved or rather grown into the tree itself.

“But I think that your old branches will make fine firewood so I shall chop you down with this old axe“ she picked up what appeared to be a forgotten rusty axe that rested against the base of this fine old tree and proceed to swing the blade toward the trees trunk.

“Please don’t chop me down!” a booming voice suddenly called out, and the beautiful Princess looked upwards quite shocked to see the trees `face` talk to her.

Cartoon Buddy Club Story Book Collection

The Story Telling Tree

1. The Story Telling Tree
2. The Terrifying Bad Breathed Dragon
3. Little Rickety Ship