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Introduced by penguin people
General Arty Work and Ms Mural Brush Knowledge :-)

Both an art History Buddy.

Hello Buddy... Since the earliest human cave dwellers painted an animal effigy onto a solid rock wall to please their good hunting spirit in their religious ceremonies.

Human people, as their civilisations formed around them, have used their inner skill and imagination to create art, in many different forms of representation, of both creative expressions that reflect humanity as a whole and religious art forms, that reflect the human ideal of a greater being.

Art that is found in painted pictures or carved statues throughout history, record all civilisations passing through time and is the best History record that mankind can leave to future generations. Not only can art be enjoyed by the eye, it can also be learned from. From the walls of a Pyramid, to the frame of a painting in oil, on a canvas sheet, to even a web site. Art will always be how humanity can express itself.

The Art Gallery of Ms Mural Brush and Mr Arty Work.

Welcome to The Art Gallery

My names Mr Arty Work, and here is rather a darn fine pair, of eyes... eh what?... wait a moment and watch them move.

This work of Art was painted by the Great Artist Leonardo Davinci (1452-1519) of Florence Italy.

Yes... and my name is Mural Brush... this painting is the most famous portrait of the wife of Francesco del Gioconda called The Mona Lisa' painted by Leonardo around 1504 to 1505.

Personally we both much prefer this copy. The eyes are so special and that smile, so enigmatic, please do wait a few moments to enjoy them fully. [ More]

cartoon art work brush cartoon character art mural brush mona_lisa

Leonardo Davinci painting of the wife of Francesco del Gioconda

called The Mona Lisa'

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