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Introduced by penguin General Patriot Knowledge :-)
United States of America history cartoon buddy
(Only one love... his country)

Hello Buddy... The United States Of America is a free democratic nation that has been forged in the face of much adversity by people of practically every other country on this planet that have all come to seek a peaceful new beginning and enjoy a better way of life.

The sea of time however has been a very stormy journey indeed for this new country. Revolution, war and freedom from the British crown. War with the native American Indian. Slavery of the native African for cheap labour and a costly civil war that ended it creating a unified free United States. War too with it's neighbour Mexico and world wars against other anti democratic states.

In today's human wacky weird world this new country has become the main economic and military engine that powers the mainly good ship of democracy worldwide.

So now... How did this come to be after all the great storms of time that have been already weathered?... Well, they say that great nations need great Generals and in that sense the United States Of America has had some of the finest, President Generals.

From Washington onward, from revolution to freedom, each President has seen the world change around them, and in some cases they have been forced to use all of Americas tool's to initiate that change. But each President has had to seek the full consent of those that have considered them fit for power or if not seen their policies stopped by them, total Democracy in action.

These people all initially untrained individuals in the art of power balancing, have all risen to the trials and tests that have faced this new nation. And people all around the world, would not be where they are in freedom today without them.

Remember though that in this country no single person is ever greater than the respected position of President, and if the people do not like the decisions that the elected President person makes a new leader can be elected by the freedom of vote. Mistakes will always be made in any democratic country but at least people have the choice to change their leadership if they do not like the way their country is administered.

You Know it is till after all this time really interesting to think that the present day USA is made up from folks of every nation on this Earth who have sought to forge a new land free from poverty and suppression. The early settlers (from everywhere) have given rise to the new Americans and that the whole American people are virtually the distant cousins of the population of just about every other country on the planet.

Love or even possibly dislike them most of you human folks seem to forget that. Neither must be forgotten that the price for this freedom was mainly taken at the expense of the Native American Indian who lost so much, but in doing so ironically allowed so much freedom to be given to much of the rest of the world. A sacrifice rarely noted.

My history notes.

Here is how the President's started. Around 15000 BC the earliest settlers of North America migrated to the area via Alaska (which at the time was linked physically to Europe via modern day Russia. These peoples then evolved into the native American 'Red-Indians'.

Around 1513 AD Spain started to explore the Florida region (Ponce de Leon explorer) and by 1540 AD the North-American South west was explored by Spain's Francisco Coranado.

1565 the Spanish created the first settlement in Florida.

1585 Sir Walter Raleigh established an unsuccessful settlement on Roanoke island Virginia. But by 1607 a successful settlement (Jamestown) Virginia had evolved and was growing tobacco for export.

1620 The Pilgrim fathers landed near Cape Cod and founded Plymouth Colony New England. [ More]

old glory

Flag of the USA

The 13 stripes on the Stars and Stripes' flag represent the original 13 colonies. The 50 stars represent the 50 states of the Union.

The first design of the flag was created in 1777 and still retains the basic format.

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