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Hello Buddy. Welcome to the Reggie Chill page. First of all I have a question for you. Do you know who discovered the continent of America? Well human buddy, if you answered Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) in 1492 you would be sort of correct, and sort of not.

It was actually the Vikings from Scandinavia who had first discovered Newfoundland in present day Canada (about 100 AD),and these were the first of the recognised European tribes to set foot upon the large American continent (North). But of course these Vikings had no real idea as to where in relation to the rest of the European map, and the world in general that this land lay.

Even the Great Mr Christopher Columbus for that matter who is credited with the first discovery of the American continent, he also had no real idea and never did, even until his death as to where the land area he had discovered with his initial expedition ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria was, and he did not realise it's geographical relationship with the rest of the known world at the time.

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On his very first voyage (of four) to this area Christopher Columbus had actually found the island chain area now known as the Bahamas, while in search of a new trade route to China and India, or the East Indies' as it was called then. He really thought that this area was in fact somewhere near India,and was a part of Asia, because of this he called the natives tribes that he found welcoming him, Indians'.

(It is interesting to note by the way that the so called educated peoples of Europe at this time had thought that the whole world was flat, and that sailing in the direction that Columbus had chosen was sheer madness as he would sail off the end of this flat world.)

So the very first landing place by Columbus and his small expedition representing European culture as a whole was on an island far from the now American' mainland, in a place which was firstly named Guanahani, then to be christened by Christopher Columbus as San Salvador.
The explorer claimed this new land that he had discovered, for the King and Queen of Spain, (This would of course had they realised it at the time been rather disturbing for the peaceful native Arawak tribe, who had already long since discovered and lived both upon this island, and the American Continental mainland, long before the new visitors had claimed it for their own since 900 AD).

Much like the Aborigine tribes of Australia, the discovery of their dwelling lands by new and rather strange God like visitors with their strange sailing vessels, would prove to be become an all out invasion and occupation by some of the quite aggressive European tribes that had explored their way across the planet, and who would eventually seek to enslave the peoples already living peacefully within their home islands. [ More]

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