Genesis, Charles Darwin and the origin of mankind species

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Introduced by penguin person General Old Hat Knowledge :-)
Before all human nations existed notes buddy.

Genesis and the origin of mankind species.

Hello Buddy. In the beginning was called Genesis the origin of creation, where light replaced the Void and where all things first began.

My name is Old Hat and I was given the task of taking notes there, at that very first time, long before all the other Cartoon Buddy Club members began their own note making (when humans finally evolved to form tribes and their own evolving nations).

I remember those old days before humans came along, and I will be posting my own notes on this page. I do hope you will return sometime to read about the Earths first creatures and see some of my picture notes of them.

But just a few questions and answers below for now, thank you for visiting my note pages.

- In The News -

The Big Bang Experiment

No cause for concern at CERN

Every time you may take any tablet for an any ailment you have placed your trust with the scientists that have developed the particular medicine that you have used. You of course assume that they have correctly tested and judged the medicine, so that it is both effective and that no ill effects may result. The only way that any such testing can be effected is by detailed experimentation, even after which some side effects may occur.

The human scientist to develop anything such as this has to always be inquisitive, as they are stood behind an endless corridor of closed doors of knowledge endlessly seeking to open each one through experimentation, with the aim of examining what lays beyond to gain answers to their questions. Of course if it was already known exactly what will happen and what they would find, there would be no point experimenting in the first place.

For example when the first atomic bomb was exploded, the fear then was that the Earth's atmosphere would be set alight and that the World would end.

It did not happen. However a new and effective way of ending human life was found. Will the CERN laboratory big bang experiment end the world? No it will not, that is the best human guess work and analysis anyway.

But human ‘experimentation’ with creation is just that, and can always be a gamble. If humans knew all the answers they would not have any need to experiment. However wisdom is to tread carefully, and treat with caution such things that have very possibly unpredictable destructive power [ More]

 Article notes by PP Old Hat.

darwin cartoon

Origin of Creation