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Introduced by penguin person General Peace Faith Knowledge :-)

Theology the science of religion History Buddy.

Humans Religiously seeking the meaning of life.

Hello Human Buddy.. Does God Exist? This definitive simple demanding question has an equally simple answer…
'God is infinitely more intelligent than humanity'… This means humanity has had to keep repeating this same demanding question as humanity is far less intelligent than that which it questions, which already knows the answer.

Science by its own book disproves absolutely nothing unless it can be proved by actual provable fact. That is the purpose of science. To Prove, to find, to seek by fact and experiment, to create thus by not to assume negatively through lack of finding. To disprove verbally by lack of fact is to only admit failure to prove and not actual proof of anything other than just giving a personal opinion swayed by own life experiences, agenda, judgements and bigotries. The World is flat. The world is round. Case examples. Science is not clever it is experimental and uninformed, but trying to understand. Adults are not some form of superior being however clever they may assume, but are just older children playing with the fires of creation… 'God is infinitely more intelligent than humanity'…

Acceptance that without concrete proof of being able  to confirm otherwise whatever one thinks, that statement would be true. How could one prove the existence of something that prevents proof being found as

'God is infinitely more intelligent than humanity?'…

Yet this something has had enough of humanity pondering, believing or disbelieving,yet all still considering as being possible after thousands of years of evolution of the human cultures.

'God is infinitely more intelligent than humanity'…

The ability of God to prove itself fact? Obviously. However why should it though to a less intelligent species when all that it has said it requires is faith and to abide by simple guides written to encourage cultures and nations to prosper.

The choice to use the guides for good or personal badness, belief or non faith, War or Peace, is left to the choice of individual humanity.    

'God is infinitely more intelligent than humanity'… Yet still allows the intellectual inferior humanity a choice. Good or Evil. Personal gain or Universal fellowship. Armageddon or progression.

It is when Humanity thinks itself infinitely more intelligent than God,and society leadership are ultimate powers,that Armageddon has fallen on all past cultures Empires and societies. None of those in history has had the ability to destroy all humanity this period of human evolution however has that power. Something to think about. But you have the answer to the question. It is how you react to it that becomes your own choice.

'God is infinitely more intelligent than humanity'… Humanity wages war, pollutes the planet and creates chaos. Not so clever while living on sheets of moving solidified rock over a circular molten core, under a five mile high bubble of necessary air and by the side of oceans of water being filled with chemicals and the like. A fragile eco system of nature created not by humanity but under threat from it. 'God is infinitely more intelligent than humanity'…

Obviously as humanity continually struggles to put right and improve many things it has invented for profit, then found hazardous or dangerous and yet also continues to threaten its existence by creating things while chasing profit, not for thinking the outcome of its actual use or possible disposal or worst case scenario event detrimental to humanity.

Foreseeable or Unforeseeable? Armageddon or progression is in the hands of those far less intelligent than God… Humanity, who will have to ultimately Judge and also justify itself in the end, by its own actions throughout its time on Earth. Have you ever read a book such as World War Z? The comparison one could possibly make to society change is that the disease of poverty forces movement to affluent areas and thus peoples changing attitude to the poor with poverty disease. A Caravan of people stuck on Guatemala Mexico border bridge 2018 is a case point. How many better off see the less so a threat at many levels. Better to cure the disease worldwide. Within countries, not without. For those without, and within. 'God is infinitely more intelligent than humanity'… [ More]

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