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Introduced by penguin person General Persi Gulf Knowledge :-)

An Ancient Arabian area penguin note maker.

Hello Buddy. My name is Persi Penguin Person welcome to my general knowledge cartoon buddy club notes page containing the history of the human populated land area once known as Persia, and now known as Iran.

For myself I have always found that for humans to really understand the subject of history itself then they have to look at this particular subject objectively, and without any sort of the dark values of evil, hate, anger or resentment, that may be residing within themselves, and which has always sought to cloud the judgement of light, goodness and peace.

For it is as it always has been that although some of the things that have changed and evolved throughout time itself have been good, some of the things have also been very bad. It remains up to the human individual to decide which of these changes is which (good or bad) within all that has come to pass throughout mankind’s evolving civilisations living upon, and then passing through time on this small revolving Planet.

Here I shall leave you as I do tend to go on a bit. But as I go I shall leave you with this one thought as you ponder the rights and wrongs of human history.

If one should wish to teach the 'future' a lesson then teach peace, respect of all fellow humankind of all types, and love of the Great Creator Spirit Of Peace as is written in human holy texts that give guidance to peace.

(You may of course not always achieve you goal as lessons go because students throughout human time have always retained the free will of their own, to make wrong choices)

But if you should choose to teach the 'future' conflict war and hate please remember that then you will then certainly reap what you have sown and along with this, the dubious rewards of the Dark Evil that has always hounded all of mankind since the dawn of creation. Lastly, but most importantly, the condemnation of the Great Spirit Of Peace and Light. Your own human choices are exactly that, just your own. Hurt and hate no one is what holy texts teach. Interpretation is in peoples morals.

My history notes

Around 200 BC, Aryan tribes migrated here from southern Russia.

During 612 BC, the Medes tribe from the northwest area attacked and destroyed the Assyrian Empire situated in the west of the country.

550 BC, Cyrus The Great attacked and destroyed the Medes tribal empire and he founded the First Persian Empire (the Achaemenid), extending his conquest of Empire within much of Asia Minor and Babylonia (the present day Syria and Palestine area).

539 BC, Darius I further expanded the Persian Empire into the present day Afghanistan region, this expanded Persian Empire now becoming the dominant world power at this time.

499 BC - 449 BC, Greece and Persia at war and the result was the end of Persian dominance of the Ancient World. [More]

Iran history notes
200 BC to 449 BC

Iran history notes

1. 200BC to 449BC
2. 330BC to 1953AD
3. Shah Dynasty

The original three striped country flag was adapted after the Islamic revolution and new religious symbols were added to the design.

The added centre motif now represents the five principles of Islam and forms the word Allah (God)

This motif is a combination, representing the holy book of Peace (Koran), the sword (which is a symbol of power

and solidarity),

mans evolution

(or rather, growth),

the rejection of all idolatrous values, powers and super powers, and the struggle to achieve a unified society, balance and equilibrium.

The words Allahu Akbar

(God is Great) is written across the flag twenty two times in Kufic script,

commemorating the revolution of February 11th 1979

Iran, means

land of the Aryans.