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Introduced by penguin General Sandy Knowledge :-)

Star of the desert, cartoon buddy of Egypt and the Middle-East.

Hello Buddy... Much greetings my friend, Peace to all, the golden sun, it is said, always shines upon the righteous, well that maybe is why Arab countries have so much sun and you Westerners have the rain... A little joke!... Ha, no matter.

The vast golden desert sands have been blessed by a rich concentration of dark oil that lies beneath it. Oil that is Gods gift to the East and follows inevitably a wish to allow the trade of this commodity to the Western nations so that both Arab and Westerner can live in peace.

The Arab cannot eat the oil the Westerner cannot light a million lights without it. A rich and prosperous West means a rich and prosperous East.

Many have misunderstood this gift. Maybe one day they will realise it for what it is and peace may flourish.

Ah, well, but oil itself though is a little boring (to drill for it yes) another joke!... Ha, no matter.

The Eastern History is rich indeed in events that have transformed all mankind. So my illustrious aim is to depart some of the delights of historical knowledge of what has been and also still remains of past millenniums of desert wonder.

A small piece of Arabic to learn in friendship… A Salaam ali kum (Greetings)... Kayf al haal (How are you).

My History Notes

Egyptian Civilisation Period Name

Pre Dynastic - 5500-3000 BC - None-Tribal Leaders

Archaic Period (Early Dynastic) - 3000-2649 BC - First & Second Dynasties

Old Kingdom - 2649-2195 BC - Third - Sixth Dynasties

First Intermediate Period - 2195-2066 BC - Seventh - Eleventh Dynasties

Middle Kingdom - 2066-1650 BC - Eleventh - Fourteenth Dynasties

Second Intermediate Period - 1650-1550 BC - Fifteenth - Eighteenth Dynasties

New Kingdom - 1550-1064 BC - Eighteenth - Twentieth Dynasties

Egypt Pharaoh Chronology

Date - Pharaoh - Dynasty

2000 BC Mentuhotep II - XI

1992 BC Amenemhet I - XII

1962 BC Sesostris I - XII

1928 BC Amenemhet II - XII

1895 BC Sesostris II - XII

1879 BC Sesostris III - XII

1850 BC Amenemhet III - XII

1801 BC Amenemhet IV - XIII

1792 BC Sebeknefru - XII

1783 BC Chatauire Ugafa - XIII

1775 BC Sekemkheres - XIII

1766 BC Neferhotep - XIV

1746 BC Sebekhotep - XIV

1726 BC Salitis - XV [ More]

egypt cartoon knowledge

The middle east countries are:-

Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan,

Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Yemen,Oman,


Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.

Egypt history notes - Page 1
1. Egypt Pharaoh Chronology
Pharaoh Dynasty
3. 730BC to 101BC
Cleopatra VII and Roman Mark Antony

Egypt history notes - Page 1
1. Egypt Pharaoh Chronology
Pharaoh Dynasty
3. 730BC to 101BC
Cleopatra VII and Roman Mark Antony