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Introduced by penguin persons Ozzy Knowledge & Walkabout Knowledge :-)

Cartoon buddy of Australia history note makers.

Hello Buddy. Although Australia still has much common ground with the United Kingdom and today it may still share the head of state with the little country Britain, but this country is it’s own master and politics are strictly Australian style.

Ozzy Australia history notes

About 45000 BC the first Aboriginals (original discoverers) settled the country arriving from India and south east Asia. Unmolested by western man they lived an isolated tribal existence. The Dutch arrived (Willem Jansz Duyfken discovered Cape York 1606 AD) but did not settle and colonise the island.

In the 17th century (1770) Captain James Cook claimed New South Wales for the British Crown but it was not until the 18th and 19th centuries that coastal and interior surveys were made. The Prison colony of Sydney was created in 1778, the actual prisoners may have been convicted and transported over the most trivial crimes', you could say that many were no more than a form of free' slave labour for the new country created by the British judicial system.

Free settlers arrived around 1781. In 1829 Western Australia was colonised and 1836 South Australia was colonised. The British allowed Australian colonies to right to their own constitution and controlled self government in 1850.The last prison transports ended in 1868.

The colonies were gradually granted self government and eventually evolved into states. In 1901 the Commonwealth Of Australia was formed by the states of Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia. (Prime minister, Sir Edmund Barton). The Northern Territory joined the group in 1911 and the capital city of Canberra was founded in 1927. [ More]

Walkabouts Australia history notes
Not here for now gone Walkabout.

Date - Prime Ministers & Party

1901 - Sir Edmund Barton


1903 - Alfred Deakin


1904 - John Christian Watson


1904 - Sir George Huston Reid

Free trader

1905 - Alfred Deakin


1908 - Andrew Fisher


1909 - Alfred Deakin



1910 - Andrew Fisher


1913 - Sir Joseph Cook


1914 - Andrew Fisher


1915 - William Morris Hughes

National Labor

1923 - Stanley Melbourne Bruce

Nationalist / Coalition

1929 - James Henry Scullin


1932 - Joseph Aloysius Lyons

United Australia / Coalition Government

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Australia history notes

Captain James Cook

general knowledge australia


Australia history notes

1. Captain James Cook
2. Prime Ministers