France history notes

1. History of France Kings and Queens
2. Napoleon Bonaparte
3. Napoleon Bonaparte his early life
4. Napoleons his military ambition
5. General of Revolutionary France.
6. The Revolutionary Directory
7. Revolutionary Directory General
8. Bonaparte First Consul for life
9. Bonaparte Dictator
10. Napoleon Invasion of England
11. The Battle of Austerliz
12. Map of the Battle of Austerlitz
13. Battle of Jenna

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The first Celtic settlers arrived here around 500 BC and were conquered by the Romans to create Gaul about 58 BC. Then the Germanic tribes and Franks ruled the country around 500 AD.

The first Kingdom was created by the Frankish chief called Clovis 481 AD and was the first to use Paris as it’s capitol, this Kingdom crumbled after his death in around 511 AD. The first of the small emperors,Pepin the short,resurrected the Kingdom and founded a new dynasty called Carolingian.

The great Charlemagne who created The Holy Roman Empire united most of Europe, France included around 770 AD,and when the Treaty of Verdun (843 AD) split the Holy Roman Empire into three separate parts,the borders of the France we know today were created. In the ninth century the royal lines began.

1789 Lack of food, unfair taxes, corruption by officials, want of freedom of equality. The masses speak and are ignored.The declaration of The Rights Of man was officially created 26 august 1789 based on the American Declaration of Independence. [ More]

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Monarch - House


936 Louis IV

954 Lothair

986 Louis V


987 Hugh Capet

996 Robert II

1031 Henry I

1060 Philip I

1108 Louis VI

1137 Louis VII

1180 Philip II

1223 Louis VIII

1266 Louis IX

1270 Philip III

1285 Philip IV

1314 Louis X

1316 John I

1316 Philip V

1322 Charles IV


1328 Philip VI

1350 John II

1364 Charles V

1380 Charles VI

1422 Charles VII

1461 Louis XI

1483 Charles VIII

1498 Louis XII

1515 Francis I

1547 Henry II

1559 Francis II

1560 Charles IX

1574 Henry III


1589 Henry IV

1610 Louis XIII

1643 Louis XIV

1715 Louis XV

1774 Louis XVI

Time of the French revolution that changed the political face of the world.

1792 First Republic.

1804 First Empire - Napoleon I

1814 Louis XVIII - Bourbon

1824 Charles X - Bourbon

1830 Louis Philippe - Bourbon

1848 Second Republic

1852-1870 Second Empire - Napoleon III

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The Bastille prison.

This symbol of the French monarchy was stormed on 14 July 1789 the official start of the French Revolution.

The last King (Louis XVI) was executed on 21 January 1793

History of France
Kings and Queens

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But maybe this is a little unhygienic yes? However from a country whose succulent food dishes contain so much garlic, maybe a wise choice of greeting to avoid the lips, no? Wear a mask, yes?

My French history notes

Jean Jaques Rousseau 1712-1778
French = Liberté, égalité, fraternité.. English = "liberty, equality, fraternity..

The idea of Basic Human Rights For Everyone emanated from an insane selfish writer whose musings on society caused the French Revolution and social change. At least that was the French Aristocracy's personal opinion of the man. Each to their own opinions, and why.