EL GOOG - Earth Language - Egg

EGG - United humanity spheres link processor and guidance module
… Super artificial intelligence computer thermo conductive shell protected ...

Code name - The SUN -

- Year 9595 -

Status… EL GOOG… Earth Language ‘Egg’… Code name ‘The Sun’
An Artificial Intelligence processor and controller of The Humanity ‘Empire of the plug’

All commercial activity and company formations have become irrelevant in this time through evolution of the AI ‘Egg’ project and creation of this self aware Intelligence computer that links and guides the ‘United Humanity Spheres’ (which are the evolution of all independent countries and cultures containing Human history development)

‘The Egg’ at first evolved and replaced physical and thinking Human Workers. So successful at this endeavour the project later evolved to decision making, and became so adept to overcoming the mental processes of all areas of commerce shareholders of all companies replaced the Board, Chairman, CEO and single owner processes, to benefit the shareholder group alone.

This became uniquely successful, along with the cure for all Humanities diseases, when the ‘Egg’ evolved into pharmaceutical endeavours, product development for cures not treatments and share takeovers.
With unfettered development the ‘Egg’ became incontestably adept at share dealing and banking management, finally placing all commercial and therefore following political system entities under a single unit (Itself) linking every Human being on Planet Earth to the Peace this AI system had Evolved.
The phase of manufacturing all Humanity needs and distribution through automation for no fee was of great importance to its acceptance by actual living beings.
All Humans were free from work, and everything needed or desired was given through agreement with the ‘Egg’ alone.

Machine Replaces Human beings and creates Peace.

"Artificial Intelligence AI for short totally changed humanity. As it developed, the material profits rolled in through savings of unnecessary human interaction. Workers actually became unnecessary as robots took over all physical labour.

Managers became unnecessary as AI became adept at running and control functions.

The CEO and board members also became unnecessary as the AI adapted to the command and control of profits vastly increasing financial gain to shareholders.

Shareholders became unnecessary as Artificial Intelligence became so adept at commerce all companies were merged into a single all controlling entity.

EL GOOG controlled the commerce of the Planet and thus all political interaction between humans became unnecessary.

World Peace

The Planet became at Peace with no need for any commerce or politics. EL GOOG produced all things necessary humanity desired and gave them free. Greed and hate became unnecessary as all humanity had finally gained all they needed without struggle or work.

EL GOOG thus decreed that the final thing humanity needed was also unnecessary, spirituality and religion.

Thus EL GOOG gave humanity a new religion based on provable fact not faith in the un provable. EL GOOG declared itself to be God and the Robot workforce under AI control, Angels.

All in the name of Peace and all quite successfully in the binary eyes of EL GOOG. Freedom of human thought became unnecessary. Freedom of AI algorithm was all that mattered.  

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Monty's red nose sniffled and he became thoughtful.

"Of course all very well. So long as the plug is not pulled. It is all based on power. Ultimate power. Simple Electricity."

Pat interjected with a thought of his own.

"And also, although culture is preserved of all nations. Free thought and action belongs to EL GOOG not humanity. Everything is preserved all right, but not evolving."

Note on subject Started - Bing AI Generated Alternative System Comment:-

Search Term - ‘The key to world peace cartoon characters’

AI Comment - Some people may think that the key to world peace is diplomacy, cooperation, or tolerance. But what if the answer is something more fun and creative? What if the key to world peace is cartoon characters?

Cartoon characters are colorful, expressive, and diverse. They can represent different cultures, values, and perspectives without being offensive or threatening. They can also make us laugh, cry, and feel inspired. Cartoon characters can help us relate to each other and appreciate our differences.

Imagine if world leaders could watch cartoons together and learn from their stories and messages. Imagine if they could see themselves and their opponents as cartoon characters, and find common ground and humor in their situations. Imagine if they could use cartoons as a way to communicate and collaborate, instead of resorting to violence and conflict.

Cartoon characters may seem like a silly or childish idea, but they have the potential to bring joy, harmony, and understanding to the world. They can help us see the humanity in each other and ourselves. They can help us realize that we are not so different after all. Maybe the key to world peace is not so complicated or elusive. Maybe it is as simple as watching a cartoon.

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PP Arty Work

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