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Introduced by independent guest Grimley Reaping :-)

The Grim Reaper Cartoon.

Who everyone should avoid meeting, military history notes Buddy.

Hello Buddy... Well my accent may be North Of England and everybody gets my name wrong, Grim Reaper indeed, rubbish, Grimly Reaping is my name and I am right proud of it. But by Heck, the human race is a right strange bunch. Although, I do so love your earth and the various sorts of folk living on it, in the end I do get to take note of them all, eventually.

At first, in the beginning, my Job was a little boring, what with only that Adam and Eve on the planet, nice people, but the note keeping work was so very slow! But by eke thump', did things improve with time and the evolution of man' and when they discovered weapons, war, dictators and fanatics, I was in absolute Heaven...Well part of the time anyway. You get to take notes of those going up to the boss upstairs as well as those going down to the void below you know, in this job!

Nowadays I've hardly had time to get back and forth, what with the masses of folk being delivered, but ah well, unless someone can grab that peace dove by the scruff of t'neck for good I may even need to get some help, to ease my sore feet.

Things have got a little out of hand what with two world wars and more strife, up and down, up and down, it does go on doesn't it?. Still you never know?. People may eventually learn to live together and then I may even earn something of a holiday. Or if they don't , I may even get to finish the job once and for all when some maniac pushes the biggie, you know, the red button thing. A few mushroom clouds and then I can do everyone’s notes at once and enjoy my full retirement. And you lot yours. Its up to you lot if and when that happens.

Well now, I have to go, duty calls. In the meantime I may catch you in my note book sooner or later, until then, be good (or bad) depending on which of the places you want delivering too in the end.

(Remember, respect and have empathy and understanding of other people, their cultures and differences and you get to go upstairs, hate with ignorance and you get to go down below, its a simple choice). Best to learn a bit of history why you lot do not get on. Then put it right. Oh yes, maybe these military history pages can teach you a thing or too about how that war thing affects us all and is best avoided, but is sadly too often repeated, it is incidentally the quickest to end up in the `has been` note book for all concerned.

Lets hope that white dove turns up for good and war becomes a thing of the past, me feet and pencil are right worn away... Ta Ta for now... See you again, sometime.

You do not have to believe in heaven or hell and all that stuff. Or me. It is a free choice. But believe that no matter what arguments and differences of opinion you lot have. Putting them right is the lock to world peace. The key is how you open the lock. You wont see me but I will see you. Best of Luck with the lock and key human folks.

Grim Reaper Cartoon Picture - Grimley Reaping Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper Cartoon - Grimley Reaping