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No - Religion of any kind

No -

Saints or sinners

Evil and pious

Christmas nor Easter

Books to swear truth.


Reasons to pray

Helping others each day

Faith in the unseen

Belief in being redeemed.


End to wars

Spiritual cause

Where to go when you die

Comfort for those left behind


Devil or God

Places of worship

Stories to stretch the mind of mankind

Religion of any kind

(This piece of poetry should begin with the word no before each line)

You may find the consequences of a world without belief in a God of peace

either positive or negative. That is up to you.

End of day

Grey mournful mountain airing eves lazy mist

Wandering valley lush earth bursts glory abound

Beauty in splendour all wounds of soul are healed

Spirit of man and nature entwined.

Fire of gold gently now slip thee to sleep

Blazing magnificent even in death of day

Elan still thine crimson rays

(Each day ends with the sun going down. Beautiful sight for all)

Cartoon Buddy Club Poetry Book Collection


Dreams - Better World

Mankind has fought a million dreams

smallest of the small

 two world wars.

Higher trade power

social borders lower

Every conflict of want

Earth shrinks deeply toward the mire.

Pondering back to Empires undone

Mankind forgets what it has won

The future denied to those before

Freedom to look back,wonder,

what it was all for.

Dreams of past are dreams of now

Higher trade power

Social borders lower.

Smallest of the small

higher wars.

As is now will it be

When mankind ponders

Empires undone

And wonders from the cave

Technology, communication,travel,

Freedom, light. Dreams.

What were they for.

What on Earth became of these.

Empire of the plug

Switch depressed firmly

Electricity clawing madly, quite frantically on.

All lines and cables that crackle with thought.

Billions of Brains plugged in all over this shrinking globe

Circling progress sparking with pictures and chatter all Electrically bought.

When all is ablaze with this Empire of the plug.

What happens one wonders when the switch of electricity

is depressed just as firmly off.


Taking Time to read the plaques.

They were young
very brave
heroes to the grave
those who made it home
bruised and battered
unanimously agreed.

For freedom they thought
then went out and fought
for life, liberty, dignity.
Leaving behind simple names
entwined to many shrines
for youth denied that others may look back and see.

Deeds made the sacrifice
for the peace of future sought
in the name of humanity
not for the cost of the cause of all war vanity.


Failure of all Humanity To Matter

These lives matter
Those lives matter
All lives matter
Matter of fact
You may be wise to see
If you should ask do any of these
It would deem the failure
of love,peace and humanity to be complete.

[When the phrase Black Lives Matter / White lives Matter/ All lives Matter is presented to people, it means that the impression given is, that people may think they do not matter]

Poetry Book Collection

1 Elephant Bird
2 Christ mass Time

3 Lifes short day/The Money Tree
4 Gun
5 Plastic World

6 No Religion of any kind
7 End of Day
8 Dreams (Better World)
9 Empire of the plug
10 Taking time to read plaques
11 Failure of all humanity to matter

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‘Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) 70 Years of outstanding Service to People and Crown with Love.

‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing
end of the age of Queen
enter the age of Kings’

‘God save the King’