Evolution of the Island of Britain and the UK

1. Kings and Queens of Britain
2. Anglo Saxon Crown to Hastings 1066
3. Kings and Queens Hanover to Windsor
4. The Tower of London
5. Westminster The House of Parliament
6. Sir Winston Churchill
7. Winston Churchill Cabinet War Rooms WW2
8. Sir Winston Churchill Top Secret Cabinet War Rooms WW2
9. The Duke of Wellington
10. Duke of Wellington 1769-1852
11. Admiral Horatio Nelson
12. Life of Admiral Horatio Nelson
13. Life of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson 1758-1805
14. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery
15. HMS Victory

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Independence - A Child of History.

Independence is when any population of any area wish to attain self government and no longer be dependant on on another areas administration. The Child of History (Independence) wants to grow up, be different, and leave parental control.
After being dependant for so long on another areas administration there are so many things to plan ahead of, as essentially, the area is starting off on a back foot because it will not have all the processes in place to administer its own future, and must not only create them, but integrate them in such a way as to not create discord within the previous parental control structure, that must not only give way, but assist, the child's independence progress in mutual benefit or damaging conflict will ensue.

Government is an unwieldy beast at the best of times and within established areas that have been around for many years. Creating a new form is fraught with planning measures.


A civil service must be created that underpins all future political and administration duties.

A Parliament must be founded that will no longer require political parties aligned to the parent, but be independent also.

A leader of Parliament or monarch depending upon the will of the population.

A plan to create, integrate or alter the economy with the assistance of the parent area that has already created the economic framework.

A means of deciding border restrictions or freedoms.

A means to defend the independence with military or civil (Police), law and justice with agreement with the parent area

A means to create power, water and food services with agreement with the parent area.

Essentially all the means of becoming independent must be planned for before becoming independent. That all requires years of planning and agreement with the parent area.

The aim of being independent is just that. And the parent area must be persuaded that it is in the child's best interest and the parents that this runs smoothly.

Otherwise and Independence will just become an angry and painful altercation that serves no area correctly in the long run. Independence is a great ideal.

In practice it requires a lot of work, planning and understanding, understanding that the parent area also becomes independent of the child. And might not want to play ball afterwards. Then Independence may find the way to growing up alone, to be quite a struggle.