Sabre Seven

Chapter One

The Old Fable - Schools out forever

That old fable. The cave people. The elite ones who had all the power and wealth on Earth. The ones who retreated to the caves of luxury while humanity suffered under the diseases and the struggling Empire of the plug. The elite cave people who confidently emerged to a world without power. Without light.
The Empire of the plug had collapsed. The banks of wealth were no more. Food was no more. Water was contaminated through the neglect of the stations of nuclear light and weapons where the lesser of humanity (in the elite cave peoples eyes) had tended to them and who were themselves no more.
The elite cave people had survived to a new world. Yes. One upon which they could not survive alone without the lessors of humanity. But then the elite cave people themselves had all succumbed to nature and joined the lessors in their fate.
That old fable. Where the strange ones intervened beyond their own laws and took the strands of humanity to start again beyond the bubble toward the many bubbles where humanity would learn to live apart and yet live together as one species.
The second empire of the plug of humanity. That old fable.

James pondered the meaning of the old plaque and its inscription. " Could people have prevented that?"

"Those strange creatures?" Sue looked at Abdul as if he knew what she was thinking. He did actually.

"We saw them. We met them. We fought Evil with them!" Abdul remembered the dream vividly. A dream that the four children had shared together in the classroom.

Peter patted both Abdul and Sue gently on their backs.

" Not a dream" Peter said softly. " An adventure!"

Legend of the key to world peace - Master of the four keys of time

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