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Introduced by penguin person General Ping Pong Pen Knowledge :-)

A cartoon buddy penguin of China history note maker.

Hello Buddy. Welcome to my notes page. Have you ever thought how it is that the very large and complex country of China can put smiles on the faces of children all over this spinning Planet on which you humans live?

Well the humans that live in China make the country one of Earth's largest manufacturers of toys and wherever you may be you have probably played with, or seen, a toy made here at some time or other.

China is a very interesting place to visit throughout your human History as a Penguin Person. The first written words by the human race were formed here and it was the birth place of Wisdom and Philosophy long before these human thoughts spread to the rest of the Planet.

Many human tribes with their own particular religions, beliefs and areas, now live peacefully in the China area today and form a hugely complex framework of a single, difficult to manage country that is gradually giving its people an enriched and potentially prosperous future through peaceful co-operation with the other diverse countries that make up this human Planet that revolves in endless Space and Time.

So? Did you Know? That there is an old saying that goes in your human philosophy (original thoughts that were born from this region) that ' The pen is mightier that the sword'? A little difficult to consider if someone is chasing you with a long sharp sword and all you have is a small pen. You could write them a note of friendship and throw it behind you? Perhaps not? But then the humble pen has signed agreements that have ended silly Wars and has created documents that have given birth to many various peaceful religions or beliefs worldwide that have joined people in peace and friendship through many different forms.

So maybe writing with a pen can be considered more mightier for the human race than raising a sword or weapon in anger. That is a piece of philosophy for all the human race to decide and looking back at histories conflicts, perhaps the only best way to the future.

In 2008 China was chosen to host the Olympic games a celebration through sporting contests of world unity and pride of nations. Also in this year the country of Tibet took advantage of this celebration to create media coverage of it’s own disagreement with the Chinese government through civil protests. Shortly after the spotlight of media attention had become focused on these protests a devastating earthquake struck China, and re-focused world attention to the suffering of ordinary Chinese people that had been affected by this disaster.

What can be learned from this series of events in time? Well in my humble opinion as a penguin person what can be learnt is that no matter what political views or disagreements a human being may have, when nature creates devastation that cannot be controlled by mankind in any way, only through co-operation with each other can human beings help each other to survive.

Please enjoy my notes pages of the past History of the China area and the Emperors Dynasty Chronology.

My China history notes

1523-1030 B.C. During this period of China’s first powerful Emperor (who as a single person now became overall leader of the separate tribes, creating the Shang Dynasty) metalwork and Bronze casting were perfected, along with the introduction of writing forms and the China calendar. [More]

china flag

China history notes

1. Early Days
2. Dynasty Chronology
3. Emperors

China history notes
Early Days

The red flag was created in 1949 as the emblem of The Communist Peoples Republic of China.

The single large star represents the Communist Party and the four smaller

stars represent the various social class of people.

The red backdrop used

for the flag is also the traditional colour representing both China

and the Communist party.