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Other Events In Welsh history.

The events in the country of Wales after the loss of the Royal lines,

mainly centre on the struggle for Social Justice.

1839 AD = The Chartist Movement (Social rights riots)

The Children of Rebecca (Anti Tollgate and Poor Law riots)

Hello Buddy. In one way or another everyone of every human nation is a victim of history and it's consequences both the so called winners and the losers. The Global map is to state the obvious awash with the many borders and names of countries forged by past often bloody events. Many of these events have been lost in the fog of time and others have been well documented within history books others are still in progress today.

There are also many various tribes groups or populations which may or may not be listed on the map but have had geographical areas they consider still to be their land depending upon many various points of view stolen, controlled, usurped or conquered by foreign unwanted entities.

The National spirit of unity of these peoples may still glow as strong as that of the people behind the accepted borders of countries drawn on maps. In particular this long list includes to name but a few the more well known cases of The Native American Indian, Maori of New Zealand, Aborigine of Australia , Israeli and the Palestinian people. All have voiced a claim (depending upon the many various points of view ) to have justice from histories often cruel events and who struggle to have a voice strong enough to influence their future and cultures.

In the search for this future Justice and to be heard, it would be well for any and all victims to reflect on the Historical Path of Wales and the Welsh people through many centuries of Invasion, War, Occupation, Genocide, betrayal and persecution at the hands of the English along with Resistance and Peace with it's neighbour England thus taking us through time to the United Kingdom that is in existence today.

The situation is not by any means as yet anywhere near a perfect match and there are of course still many nationalists that would have Wales a separate country from the originally imposed unity of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales but who still work peacefully toward that aim particularly the Plaid Cymru political party. But the Welsh people have learned through the centuries that to be an Architect of the future not a victim of History you must eventually put away physical military resistance with the sword and engage in peaceful debate even against those that vehemently and stubbornly at first refuse to listen.

After Warfare human beings will still have to live side by side whatever the outcome of a conflict. Nation bordering and including Nation. It is always a long and uneasy process but peace, prosperity and National identity can be achieved. The effort making Peace is and has always been much harder than creating a War.

The London Parliament while protecting itself rightly devolved powers back to both Wales (Cardiff) and Scotland (Edinburgh) government assemblies then contentiously gave power to a non domestic foreign government of the Brussels (EU).

The right and to be morally right to return all possible powers which you took by force (but then gave away to other governments without sanction from the people who had it removed from them). Is a lesson not learned as yet. Or understood by politicians who have had powers transferred to them.

The only way forward in time for any human peoples is to put their violent past behind them respect their differences of culture and work out how the lines on a map will best help all the human race live in a Peace Time and not to be perpetually trapped in an inconclusive map generating War Time.[ More]

This article by PP Dylan Thomas Jones

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