To Be Or Not To Be - That is the question?

Quotes of Hope that the Dark Void most dislikes.

Quote: Mark Twain:

"Courage is resistance to fear. Mastery of fear, not absence of fear"

Quote: Monty Penguin Person:

“Only the future of mankind can be changed, not the past".

This is the Dark Diary:

The future wishes from an evil dark void.


This Dark Diary is not to be read by humankind.

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Crest Of The Evil Dark Void

( The Great Eraser ) >>>>

Sometime in the human future Possibilities

Page one.


Militants world-wide celebrate the sudden destruction of the entire American control and command system. With the detonation of weapons off mass destruction that were stolen from the arsenal of the former USSR. Russian Federation, Washington DC has been totally destroyed.

It is estimated that along with the President, Vice president and entire Senate, at least thirty million citizens have also perished. On the same morning the Pentagon was destroyed along with all joint Chiefs of Staff.

It is estimated that at least fifteen million citizens in the area have perished.The end of the Great American Satan' has been announced by those responsible.



Brigadier General Sylvester Thug has assumed command of the American Military system and has immediately placed the country on a martial law footing under his control.

The entire legal system has been suspended. A career Military man, Thug has been known for his almost Hitler like polices toward racial issues and free speech. It was no surprise therefore when Thug announced that all undesirable religious and fractional elements' were to rounded up and placed in concentration areas, where they would be dealt with accordingly.



The United Nations have issued a formal ultimatum to Thug, passing a resolution in an attempt to stop the persecution of innocent citizens.

Thug immediately announced the dissolution of the United Nations and declared the organisation an Evil Alliance that conspires to threaten his country'.

Thug plans to continue what he calls The final Solution to the War on Terror'. All members in the chamber were arrested and have been expelled from the country.



OPEC has protested against the closure of all religious worship centres in the United States.

They have warned Thug that Oil supplies will be withheld if the outrageous persecutions continue.



Today troops have taken control of all OPEC oil fields.

Many Neutron bombs have been used against opponents to their occupation, these weapons of mass destruction destroy human life but leave installations undamaged.

Now controlling much of the worlds oil supply, Thug is able to formulate passive control of any country that wishes to oppose him.



Militants use another stolen warhead to destroy Rome. The Pope, while calling for World Peace, has been killed.

In immediate response, Thug has destroyed Mecca during the pilgrimage.

Estimated total Citizen fatalities sixty to seventy million.



Contamination from exploded munitions continues to spread world-wide. Thug stops all aid to Third World Countries. Starvation levels critical.



Mass protests on the streets of America.

Thug brutally suppresses them and all leaders are shot. Many Citizens rounded up and sent to the Concentration areas for processing.



World famine now inevitable.

Disease and death is predicted for much of the human race.

Planet contaminated beyond repair.

Extinction of all life within years now possible.


6 Days for the destruction of faith

9 Days for the destruction of all mankind


However destroying the habitat and environment by industrial pollution is the simpler option.

This is the Dark Diary and is not to be read by human-kind.

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The evil dark diary of the Evil Dark Void - page 1

Trouble and strife? Not to worry. The European Economic Community evolved by design into the European Union. Next it will be the Earth Union. One single trading block controlling every aspect of everyday life, laws and every flag all under one single blue starred flag. Run by a single council and parliament. Arguments will be a thing of the past. Enjoy the next phase everyone. You have no choice.
General Starry EU Eyed.

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