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History of Ukraine

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Present status - Conflict -

Present status - A conflict is in progress in the second largest country within Europe, Ukraine,the first largest being Russia, Ukraine’s ex partner within the dissolved by peoples choice Soviet Union Empire (USSR).

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union Empire (by the final choice and will of the Russian People themselves) Ukraine, all the Baltic States, and Russia, had the freedom to choose where their future lay.

The complexity over territorial defence, political, and social grouping, was still to be finalised after the majority of Russian people rejected the USSR (and the localised ongoing conflict over changes to territory were still be resolved), when both ‘patience’ and diplomacy failed, to be replaced by an unnecessary urgency to resolve the evolving situation by force of arms because of the ‘fear’ that Ukraine ‘may’ become a threat by choosing to defend itself with means unacceptable to foreign politicians.
An eight year political and military war over the Russian Separatist Donetsk and Luhansk (Donbas) areas of Ukraine was left to fester to conflict, which exasperated the situation.

An attackers force of arms situation is always unwinnable in the end, as to win you must have first ‘won’ the will of the people that will be under your control, not lose it from the start and to have them hate you passionately. Wars are ‘won’ by freeing people not enslaving them. All a victory in battle achieves is imprisonment of a population who will eventually seek justice from within the border or without. Every Empire has eventually learned that lesson the hard way. In the twenty first century it is the same premise, and the premise and will of any honourable soldier is to defend the society, culture, country and people. Attacking neighbours for political gain will only make their own soldiers do the same.
After the outcome of any war, the ‘winners’ will be judged by the many, not the few. And the few will still have to live on this Planet with the many. Defeat of any army is possible. The citizens will judge and possibly fight again the ‘victors’.

To Defend both the peoples of Ukraine and Russia who have a shared social history - It would be wise to Halt short sighted political aggression. Honour (Good) is defending all Civilians, not attacking them. Ukrainian or Russian.

Ukraine Constitution

We The People


Suggested reading for all World Leaders and Students of History

Warsaw 1920
Lenin’s Failed Conquest Of Europe

- End Game of the 21st century ? -

For politicians of large powerful countries to threaten and attack what they consider to be small fry insignificant countries in the 21st century will always eventually end in disaster for everyone. Because no matter what any politicians think or threaten or attack, all soldiers sailors and generals are trained to do ther duty without hesitation, to defend, or retaliate. It would be wise to always halt, think, talk, and put away self arrogance. First.

Geopolitics and World Security. ‘US and Them Mindset’.

NATO existed to confront the threat of the Soviet Union dictatorship and doctorine after the defeat of the Nazi regime dictatorship and doctorine in Europe after World War Two. An attack on one member of the treaty constitutes an attack on all members of the treaty. The Soviet Union Empire no longer exists or its dictatorship or doctorine, although NATO and Russia are still playing the Geopolitics of that time as this mindset has not changed and both areas still see the other as a threat and act accordingly.

To end the mindset of threat and Cold/Hot Wars the logical course would have been for Russia to actually join NATO itself and therefore secure its border forever, thus ending the threat of mutual destruction. Russia applied for membership,but was rejected as untrustworthy.
One war ‘can’ end all wars peacefully, or through total annihilation. A choice politicians must make. The mindset and perception as to who or what is the ‘enemy’ is the only thing stopping pointless conflicts,and is itself a ghost of past governments and their deeds. The ‘enemy’ is War itself, and the fear and anger still lingering from those historical conflicts. Social and military.

Ukraine, the suffering of its population, and also the suffering of young soldiers sent to fight there in the name of geopolitics for a Russian Empire that no longer exists could be a turning point in ending all future wars, one way or the other. It only takes a change of mindset from a changing Russian leadership.

Who ‘Belongs’ to Who Historically?
Does Ukraine ‘belong’ to Russia? Or does ‘Russia’ actually belong to Ukraine?
Or are both seperate Sovereign Nations? Or neither?

Treaty and characters of the Centuries
V In Europe. The single letter of freedom from oppression by autocratic systems, a symbolic Meaning.



The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

World Historical

Yma o Hyd
We are still here United

Together Stronger

(Peace wishes to Ukraine)