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Hello visitor. As a human being (assuming that you are one of those peculiar creatures that are visiting this page) it is worth pointing out that you are quite free to think and believe or not in the various theological concepts of God, Peace, Good over Evil etc. And you really do not necessarily have to follow or have allegiance to, any one of the particular organisations. Faith is a Personal and individual choice.

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The Key To World Peace

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The key to world peace legend note book and Folk Story.

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Where can one find the Key to world peace?
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A few Penguin people observations of your human World.

Catch 22 Logic

Unless one can categorically prove the non existence of God the possibility of a single creator however improbable cannot logically be entirely and honestly discounted.
Unless one can categorically prove the existence of God the possibility that evolution is the only form of creation cannot logically be entirely and honestly discounted.
Should one choose not to believe however, the supreme Atheist to whom all other Atheists should respect, would actually be God, as this ultimate deity could not believe in itself as a religion. Catch 22 all round.   

Human Diversity And The Key To World Peace

To have acceptance,respect and understanding that every individual is unique of character and differences as are countries.

The next World Wars

Albert Einstein (the very clever man who seemed to have had many bad hair days) once said ‘I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones’.
Well one might observe that the third world war may still be between conflicting ideology's and politics, but be also be won by a single person using an electronic device who presses delete and activates a program that erases all universally connected electronic devices. Not that impossible. With the more integration of a virtual world within the real world, the more damage may be affected by such a single action. Commerce, stock markets, travel, food supply, power, defence, the very structure of future civilisation erased instantly into chaos where dependency upon artificial intelligence and computers is total, and mankind's ability/knowledge to survive without these aids has been eroded. Civilisation itself is a very fragile network of balance no matter how secure you may feel, look at the Roman Empire history for evidence of that, they also thought theirs would last forever too.  Our book ‘Sabre Seven’ carries on a future story of an event such as this.

World Peace as defined in the human dictionary is agreed Planetary non violence and an end to organised Institutionalised warfare.

World Peace as defined in the Penguin People dictionary is more simply put as ‘A Brotherhood Of Man’

Humanity presently has neither.

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Grimley Reaping
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