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Hello visitor. As a human being (assuming that you are one of those peculiar creatures that are visiting this page) it is worth pointing out that you are quite free to think and believe or not in the various theological concepts of God, Peace, Good over Evil etc. And you really do not necessarily have to follow or have allegiance to, any one of the particular organisations. Faith is a Personal and individual choice.

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The Key To World Peace

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The key to world peace legend note book and Folk Story.

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Where can one find the Key to world peace?
Read our story books - Master of the four keys of time -  Legend of the key to world peace - to find out.
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World Peace as defined in the human dictionary is agreed Planetary non violence and an end to organised Institutionalised warfare.

World Peace as defined in the Penguin People dictionary is more simply put as ‘A Brotherhood Of Man’

Humanity presently has neither.

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Master of the four keys of time

ISBN 978-0-9556880-0-3

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Dream US of A

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Dream of Egypt

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Dream of the United Kingdom

 ISBN 978-0-9556880-5-8

Dream of Australia

ISBN 978-0-9556880-4-1

Grimley Reaping
(The Grim Reaper in your legends)

War Games Without Frontiers

We observe these games. We do not take sides. We think they must stop.

The End.

‘Mankind must put an end to war--or war will put an end to mankind’ JFK

 'War Jeux Sans Frontieres'