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1. United Kingdom Kings and Queens
2. Anglo Saxon to 1066 Norman
3. Hanover to Windsor
4. Tower of London
5. House of Parliament
6. Sir Winston Churchill
7. Secret Cabinet War Rooms WW2
8. Winston Churchill WW2
9. Duke of Wellington
10. Wellington 1769-1852
11. Admiral Horatio Nelson
12. Horatio Nelson 1758-1805
13. Lord Horatio Nelson 1758-1805
14. Bernhard Law Montgomery

The Tower Of London.

The capital city of the United Kingdom is London on the Thames river.

One of the oldest and most famous landmarks here is The Tower Of London, or Bloody Tower, pictures of which can be found below. [ More]

Scale model of the Tower of London

The White Tower of William The Conqueror.

The famous Traitors Gate at the Tower Of London.

Tower Of London picture of model layout

Page 4. The Tower of London

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