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1.Wales and the Welsh history to 54BC
2.Wales and the Welsh history 43AD to 856AD
3.Wales and the Welsh history 878AD to 1154AD
4.Wales and the Welsh history  1165AD to 1400AD
5.Welsh history 1403AD to 1642AD
6.Welsh history observations

7.Welsh National Anthem in English
8.Welsh Prince Madoc in America
9.Twmbarlwm Siluris Celtic Hill Fort

1403 AD Welsh control most of Wales and gain the support of the French King, who sends a fleet of ships to the Irish sea in aid of Owain Glyndawr.

1410 AD The rebellion fails as Henry IV crushes his rebellious Barons and his military wear down the Welsh army in a series of Battles. Owain Glyndawr, a mystical leader to the Welsh (said to have the power of wizardry), disappears and is not seen again.

1413 AD The new English King Henry V proclaims a free pardon for Owain Glyndawr but receives no reply.

1485 AD Henry Tudor (Henry VII) becomes the first Welsh born and ancestor'ed King of England.

1642 AD Welsh support the Royalist cause in the English Civil War in return for continuation of freedoms first granted by Henry Tudor.

After the English King Charles I execution, Oliver Cromwell the Parliamentarian military leader (soon to be Lord Protector/dictator, of the new English Protectorate Republic) slights (damages to make defence impossible) many Castles in Wales, so that the Welsh or Royalists cannot effect a rebellion.

Wales and Welsh History. From a King to a Prince.

Celtic Tribal Era

Queen Boudicca (Boadicea)

King Caractacus (Caradog)

King Arthur Of The Britains

After defeating the Norsemen, a first Welsh King of the United country of Wales is created.

856 - Rhodri the great

878 - Anarawd son of Rhodri

920 - Hywel Ap Cadell grandson of Rhodri

1039 - Gruffudd Ap Llewelyn

Non unified Wales > 1063 - Local princes rule. A unified Wales under a new King >

1078 - Rhys Ap Twdwr

Norman occupation.

1081 - Local princes have power struggles

1114 - Owain Ap Cadwgan & Gruffudd Ap Cynan the Welsh princes swear loyalty to the Normans

1136 - Rebellion by the nationalists

1146 - Rebellion is successful but effects no single ruler

A unified Wales under a new King.

1215 - Llewelyn

1256 - Llewelyn II

1257 - Treaty with Henry III of England. Llewelyn II acknowledged as prince of Wales, but not King.

English occupation.1277 - English military occupation of Wales

1282 - Rebellion... But Llewelyn is caught and executed

1284 - Statute of Wales declared... All lands are divided into small Shires

1301 - Prince Edward of England... Wales becomes an English controlled Principality

1400 - Owain Glyn Dwr rebellion... The last royal to lead a free Wales struggle. [ More]

Wales and the Welsh history
1403 AD to 1642 AD