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An observational spoof of Human Actions.

The Human: World Wrestling Faith

Welcome to the Quite Wacky, World Wrestling Faith Federation. Wrestling each other. In the Global ring we have six major religions who each believe in the God Of Peace and Light and his teachings of tolerance, love and peace. But who even today, wish to wrestle over his actual name and the physical way in which the Spirit should be worshiped. (There are of course many more but that is all that will fit on the page).

We join the show in the new Millennium but it has had an eternal time-frame and the bitter contest continues.

Each say. Our love is better than yours, we pray for peace harder than you, our name for God is better, we have the bigger army and can hit you harder, we are the oppressed and shall overcome etc. Here is the Commentary live from the ridiculous Global Theatre.

Commentator 1:(Dave retch).

"Thanks for joining us at the World Wrestling Faiths showdown. The main contenders are still battling it out In the ring and have seen this round out for the past millennium. The carnage I have to say has been pretty awful in there!.. Over to you Dan!"

Commentator 2:(Dan, damned)

"Yes no-one has the will and moved to work out any new major moves toward the Peace corner. Its all still deadlocked here and it seems there is no will to win the Peace and Harmony prize all their respective religions are preaching!.. Lets have a word to see how the audience feels!.. Over to you Dave!"

Commentator 1:(Dave retch)

"Thanks Dan!.. In the celestial audience for Eternity we have the spirit of truth and light himself!.. God. How do you feel about this contest?.. Do you think there will be a clear winner?. Or do you feel that there will be no single victor to this bloody contest?"


"Well Dave, I have witnessed this performance since the dawn of mans intelligence and I must say that it really does not please me at all".

Commentator 1:(Dave retch)..

"And why do you feel that God?" [ More]

World Wrestling Faith

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