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First steps to the spirit of peace and light
(Faith of or in) Study of Theology
General Human Religions / Name for God / Beliefs / One God / One Spirit


Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha awakened/enlightened one) Born Northern India 6th Century BC son of a nobleman.

To follow the path of right:1:Views 2:Thoughts 3:Speech 4:Action 5:Livelihood 6:Effort 7:Mindfulness 8:Concentration.

A Recognised living leader (Dalai Lama)


Jehovah : Jesus (Christ:anointed one) Born year zero to modern calendar.

Son of a carpenter.

To follow the path of Bible 1:To have no other Gods besides Jehova 2:To make no idols 3:Not to misuse the name of God 4:To keep the Sabbath Holy 5:To honour ones parents 6:Not to commit murder 7:Not to commit adultery 8:Not to commit theft 9:Not to give false evidence 10:Not to be covetous.

A Recognised living leader (Pope)


Vishnu (Preserver/male)... Lakshmi (Preserver/female) Brahma (Creator/male)... Saravati (Creator/female) Shiva (Destroyer/male)... Parvati (Destroyer/male) Krishna+Rama (INCARNATIONS OF VISHNU) Many Forms, but one God.

To follow the path of thought Rebirth of man and creatures with the Atman (Spirit of God) Everything that exists is a part of God. Every action Good or Bad has an effect (Karma) on this and lives of the future. Positive action can achieve union with God.
A Recognised living leader (None)


God (Allah in Arabic):- and Muhammad is the prophet of God (Islam means Peace) Muslim is one who submits to the will of God.

To follow the path of Koran 1:Repeating the creed 2:Daily prayer 3:Giving alms 4:Fasting (month of Ramadan 5:Pilgrimage to Mecca (Birth place of Muhammad) at least once in a lifetime.
A Recognised living leader ( None)


God Jehovah:- covenant with Abraham (Father of the Jews)

To follow the path of The Torah (Five books of Moses) Read in Hebrew. Various daily laws of living including eating of permitted foodstuffs (Kosher) and Terefah (forbidden food).

A Recognised living leader (None)


(Guru Nanak founder of new religion)

To follow the path of Guru Granth Sahib Scriptures, hymns, poems. Service to others, protect weak against any injustice.Must wear five marks of faith... 1:Uncut hair/Kesh 2:A comb/Kanga 3:Bangle made of steel/Kara (Circle represents one God+Truth) 4:Dagger-Sword? Kirpan (Reminder of fight against injustice) 5:Breeches or short trouseres? Kacchera (To be ready to ride into battle)

A Recognised living leader (None)

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One God?

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