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This is the modern world

What will humanity take to the moon and Space, the Universe, The stars. Religion. Dictatorship. Democracy. Atheism. Corporate expansion. If alternative beliefs cannot be reconciled on Earth what is the actual purpose of taking these problems out to other planets. Saying ‘We come in peace’ to an intelligent Alien life form would be a direct lie, as humanity cannot even decide what Peace is itself. Spending Billions on exploration has no purpose if humanity itself serves no other purpose other than continual War and argument also the pollution and destruction of its own Planet and environment caused by ‘progress of scientific discovery funded by profit making enterprises ’. Global warming is humanity made by promoting profusely the use of invented items for profit, then blaming the individual customer for its actual use. Sad business. The Star Ship Enterprise from the TV series Star Trek would probably have been sponsored by a private profit making service searching for new customers not a Unified Federation searching for peace.


Words From Sura 2 of The Koran (Quran)

Verily, they who believe (Muslims), and they who follow the Jewish religion, and the Christians, and the Sabeties - whoever of these believeth in God and the last day, and doeth that which is right, shall have their reward with their Lord: fear shall not come upon them, neither shall they be grieved.

- The Koran, like the Bible, is a scripture of peace, not war -  [ More]

Racism still kicking around that old football?

The angry team supporters… Why? The team, the flag of clarity and pride, the people. What game are angry team supporters playing?

Each team want to become respected and be seen as the very best in the game by other teams and their own supporters. Are the angry supporters who vilify members of their own team (because of differences in appearance, origin or traditional customs) really honest supporters of the team?

Support by actually trying to stop the team being seen as the best and respected? Seems utterly illogical unless the angry supporters are present to stop the team being the best and respected.

So what team do they actually support? As it is quite clear that it cannot be the one they say they do. That is utterly logical.

Team Football - Team Religion - Team country - Team Humanity.. All seek to be seen as the best and respected in the game of life. Throughout history the angry have always historically been seen as the worst, not team players, disrespected and relegated from the game at some point.

Distraction of the Human all seeing Eyes and Senses


Irony of the Human common senses. Angry and vocal people ‘acting’ against historical injustice and practises of the past,while benefiting profusely daily from the virulent injustice and practises of the present. Historical distraction of the human common senses is quite acute.

The Modern World

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