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A thoughtful Peace Faith. Dwelling on all sorts of things.

Tribal Fragmentation, to The Unity of the Word.

At first Human Tribes were fragmented all across the Planet. The individual Astronomers, Herbalists, soothsayer, visionaries, King, Queen controlled their own particular tribe however they sought fit through customs (Usually Violent) of ‘Worship’ (of person or thing) to or from any of those Humans mentioned (being considered Pagan i.e. not of the subsequent Word method of unity), or a combination of the Humans depending on the tribal circumstances. Tribal conflict between tribes was thus inevitable as each tribe due to individual tribal circumstances held their own controllers and traditions of very small scale single village unity.

Unity of the ‘Word’ began through Abraham and Moses thus uniting the Jewish Tribes during their Diaspora (living outside of the area previously lived within) and slavery to the Pharaoh (King or Queen of Egypt) within their Empire to whom the (Egyptians) Arab ethnic tribal group worshiped.

Unity of the ‘Word’ continued with Jesus of Nazareth and his followers who spread the ‘Word’ across the powerful Roman Empire. The Roman Empire itself in its violent expansion had accepted all forms of Tribal or individual ‘worship’ to avoid armed conflict and peaceful submission of Tribes within the Empires area of control ( so long as any ‘worship’ did not threaten the Empire or Emperors overall status whatever they wished that to be ). The Word conflicted with the Roman Empire and Emperors desire to be all powerful (and also the Jewish priests living under Roman control who considered the ‘Word’ dangerous to their authority ) thus Jesus of Nazareth was deemed a rebel and executed. However knowledge of his life and the ‘Word’ continued.

The Roman Empire destroyed the Egyptian Empire and also itself through conflict. The Roman Empire took the ‘Word’ for itself, the Emperor Constantine (through the Council of Nicea who compiled a written edition of the ‘Word’ being acceptable and of being of no threat to the Roman Emperors rule). The Egyptian Arab Diaspora after destruction of the Pharaoh Empire were given the ‘Word’ via Muhammad ibn Abdallah and thus these tribes did not of course accept the exact ‘Word’ or Wording of those who had been slaves under the Pharaoh rule.

The ‘Word’ cannot destroy or cause harm or hate, it can only create peace. The reader however can choose to put the Word to one side and do what they like depending upon the politics of the Time and the readers own circumstances. Unity and Peace is within the Word, however not always within the Human reader or listener. Thus Fragmentation continues and how can Humanity possibly say to those upon other Worlds ‘We come in Peace!’ When Humanity cannot even agree within itself upon the ‘Word’… Peace [ More]

This is the Modern World

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