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1. The meaning of life
2. One God?
3. World Wrestling Faith
4. WWF
5. The Modern World
6. This is the Modern World
7. St Pauls Cathedral
8. Mosque at Gibraltar
9. Faith not Proof
10. The Key To World Peace


"Well Dave, I gave man intelligence to worship me in peace and love and to hold faith in me without absolute proof of my existence (otherwise I would have created robots not free thinkers). That is all I required of man, not this display of self interest, about who has the best name, or praying technique!. This contest has been a load of absolute nonsense and just a letting for some peoples hate to run riot. I am not impressed!"

Commentator 1:(Dave retch)

"So what do you think should end the show?.. A draw.. Or may-be, someone to win outright?"


"Well Dave, I already know the outcome due to my position, you understand. But I really do not wish to divulge that particular information yet, I will reveal that only on Judgement day!. However, if creation displeases me and I decide to rip it up and start again. Perhaps, next time, things will turn out better without man in General as the dominant species".

Commentator 1:(Dave retch)

"Thanks for your views God.. By the way, out of interest, what do you think of Atheists, who are not in the competition?"


"Well Dave, no hopers. I have no faith in those, that will have none in me. But, be assured, they too will be re-born!"

Commentator 1:(Dave retch)

"Yes!. Really!"


"Yes, really. As a dog turd!… I have a sense of humour too, you Human lot are made in my image remember!"

The Human World today.

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World Wrestling Faith