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Life's short day / The Money Tree.

That old money tree will still be growing strong

Long after all of us living today are gone

For all of Time folk are obsessed

With climbing to reach an endless quest.

They struggle to crawl way up that tree

To find a top that grows quickly ever out of reach.

Many grabbing hands scrabble for even more

but find its branches twisting can make you really very sore.

This fruitless tree knows no bounds

Its long dark shadow lays cold blanketing bare ground.

The more desire the more the tears

The more the tree grows throughout the years.

In man's endless quest to find the top

Many will reach half way,

Get stuck or find they quickly drop-plop.

So when you wish to climb that old tree:- Remember

there's always a  place to stop and admire the scenery.

For that old tree top you will never find

because desire is the quickly growing seed

and tree of the fruitless kind.

(You can never obtain all the money in the world. Although, from a cold,

bare ground, the complex system Mankind has created for trade, can

sometimes build a tree of unity.)

Gun [If you win with a gun?]

How will you feed your people - if you win?

How will you cure your sick - if you win?

How will you employ your worker - if you win?

How will you educate your children - if you win?

How will you define your borders - if you win?

How will you distribute your justice - if you win?

How will you trade your goods - if you win?

How will you create your peace - if you win?

How will you lead your life - if you win?

How will you honour your God - if you win?

How will you answer - with a gun?

Should you have - already won?

(The various structures of Rebellion or Wars, throughout history have always

have been a comparatively easy event to initiate especially with the advent of

modern weapons. The hardest part of any conflict for either the

winner or loser, however, is the ability to reconstruct a peaceful society

in the aftermath, without famine or want. Know what you are fighting for.)

Plastic World

Humanity celebrates what it has made

A plastic World that will never fade

Nuclear and with asbestos lungs

singing the song of trade division hate and greed

echoing post war dreams that were made to fade

and within the cries of one that died

 Eli Eli La Ma for forsaken man

not only for one but all mankind in the plastic ocean World

 that humanity itself alone divides.

Life’s short day/The Money Tree.
Plastic World.

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