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Genesis, Charles Darwin and the origin of mankind species

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1. Status Quo
2. Genesis
3. Origin of Creation
4. Test of Time?
5. A few facts

- A test of time? An explanation? -

- Questions Of Time? -

Who exactly do these human-kind' think that they are?... Are all of human mankind' really so short sighted and full of vanity, that they think their own civilisations and cultures are the most important thing in creation?.

What have human mankind' deduced of past evolution from within their own made up human years of Time'... Are they so selfish as to believe, that they alone can mark time with their very own clock, and that the millions upon millions of human years that have since passed, creating all those past species and Planets in Space, could not have been formed within a single day of The Great Spirit Of Peace And Light, that lives way beyond humans own made up Time, and abides within the circle of its own clock.

When will humanity realise, that the instigator of all creation beyond the Evil Void, and who is the very architect of all animals and subsequent free thinking, human souls, cannot be owned by any one culture, or anything for that matter... Are mankind' still aware, or have they just forgotten, that The Great Spirit Of Peace And Light is the author through human spirit and soul, of many many different texts that all who freely read must follow in the path of peace and which, all are part of The Great Test Of Time'.

- Answers? -

I shall not endeavour here, to delve into the inner workings of The Great Test Of Time and answer all of the questions posed above. But shall just say, that to pass this important test,humans must move forward in Time, walking along the Path Of Peace, together.

If humans should not move forward in Time, and the Path Of Peace crumbles, then Time itself, for all humans will end. Simple as that really. Bit harsh. But that is the single most important rule of the Test.

There are of course many and various texts that are available to help humans move forward, and the actual wording of each and every book that was written, it has to be remembered, were created for the many different tribal cultures around the Planet that were to evolve and eventually gain from their reading.

It is not necessary for humans to understand or explore, if they do not wish to do so, the meaning of another culture and their own text. But to respect any other cultures right to be different, and to walk along the Peace Path within their own steps, is a fundamental part of The Great Test Of Time. Each culture has been created and evolved to both be different, and to have the freedom of choice.

What is made with that choice as a whole, defines whether mankind itself will survive, or not. Or indeed deserves to if it were as a species put on trial by other higher species. Makes you think. [ More]

Test of Time?

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