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Genesis, Charles Darwin and the origin of mankind species

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1. Status Quo
2. Genesis
3. Origin of Creation
4. Test of Time?
5. A few facts

Introduced by penguin person General Old Hat Knowledge :-)
Before all human nations existed notes buddy.

Genesis and the origin of mankind species.

Status Quo

(The first unchanged position of all celestial affairs)

A few notes.

Genesis: (not the rock group) At the first point of known creation (not of your mankind), 15-20 Billions of human Earth years ago, darkness and light are separated.

Thus followed an almighty explosion that blasted outward, but silently (sound is only the vibration of air), from a circle of the unimaginably small, hot and closely compacted matter of gravity, that resided in the Status Quo (not the rock group) of first existence.

Expanding in an ever rapidly increasing circle, light formed firstly protons, neutrons, neutrinos and electrons, eventually evolving these elements into atoms. Gravity released from the explosion dotted Space and Time, each dot attracting atoms toward them, and evolving the atoms that joined together to form gas clouds. These clouds in turn, condensed to form spheres that surrounded the dots of gravity,and each sphere evolved to form the Universe surrounding Planet Earth as can be seen in the sky at night (not a rock group but an endless group of rocks).

Planet Earth itself, formed its sphere about 4-5 Billion Years ago, firstly starting as a cloud of gas and dust, then solidly evolving into a radiation generated, hot ball of molten rock.

The hot exterior cooled about 3-4 Billion years ago, to form a thin crust of large rock formations, which even today, move about the surface of the still molten interior causing what humans call earthquakes.

Evolution of the Earth steamed forward about 2-3 Billion years ago, when the atmosphere surrounding it formed. Through a mixture of cooled gasses, volcanic activity and electric storms, clouds formed and in turn, released vapour that created the oceans and rivers, within which the first organic elements were nurtured under the sun light.

Earths crust hardened about 2 Billion - 600 odd million years ago, and in that Time, from the early rather primitive organisms that expelled oxygen, air formed, that was to replace carbon dioxide as the dominant gas in the atmosphere.

This oxygen, also formed an Ozone layer that protected Earth from the suns radiation, and has allowed life as you humans know it today, to survive and evolve further.

Humans are by the way, rather fond of releasing gases etc that remove this layer, not really a good idea folks. [ More]

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Status Quo