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The Jam, band Singles

In the city / Takin my love

All around the world / Carnaby street

The modern world / Sweet soul music / Back in my arms again

News of the world / Aunties and uncles / Innocent man / David Watts

/ A bomb in Wardour street (X2A) /

Down in the tube station at midnight / The night / So sad about us

Strange town / The butterfly collector

When you're young / Smithers Jones

The Eton Rifles /  See saw

Going underground / The dreams of children (X2A)

Start / Liza Radley

Funeral pyre / Disguises

Absolute beginners

Town called Malice / Precious

Just who is the five o'clock hero

The bitterest pill

Beat surrender


Paul Weller had decided to split from the Jam at the end of 1982 as the pressures to produce hit record after hit record became too much pressure wise and he had also felt that the band should go out on top and not dilute the purity' of what six years of hard work had achieved.

As the songwriter with convictions, he had said all that he had wanted to say and now wished to write for pleasure developing new styles of music for him and his audience to enjoy.

The Jam's last record single Beat surrender like so many of the Jam's other singles stormed straight to the top of the British charts, reaching the number one slot on the 4-12-1982.

The Jam - Singles


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