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1. Ireland early days
2. 1541 to 1937
3. High Kings of Ireland
4. The Glorious Revolution

1949 Ireland became an Independent Republic, now no longer within the Commonwealth ( formerly British Empire). Claims to the British Government for the Republic of Ireland to rule Northern Ireland and it's six counties are continued.

1955 Ireland admitted into the United Nations.

1973 Ireland joined the European Community.

1985 Anglo Irish Agreement (Allowing a consultative role in Northern Ireland)

1993 Downing street declaration (If a majority of Northern Ireland's population voted to remain within the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland would relinquish it's claim to control Northern Ireland)

1998 Good Friday Agreement (The Irish Republic gives up it's constitutional claim to full control of Northern Ireland. A North and South Ministerial Council is established)

1999 Ireland joins the Euro (A European joint monetary system)

The High Kings Of Ireland

Throughout History, none of the so called Celtic / Gaelic High Kings of the island ever completely ruled Ireland for all their natural lives. There were no lines of succession to any formalised and centralised throne and far too many lower King Tribal Chieftains, to effect total control. As so many local Kings were present, there was always much in-fighting and political intrigue.

My short notes of High Kings below, contain just some of the main characters that held power in Ireland and lists why they were of particular importance.

46-862 Mael Sechnaill (Fought Viking raiders and subdued local kings)

916-919 Niall Glundub (Fought Viking raiders)

964-976 Mathgamain (Fought Viking raiders and subdued many local kings)

1002-1014 Brian Boruma allied with Mael Sechnaill II

(Subdued most local Kings and divided Ireland between themselves)

1014 Mael Sechnaill II (Took control after his allies death in battle)

1054 Diarmait Mac Mael (Fought Viking raiders and was High King at the time of the battle of Hastings 1066)

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Ireland history notes
High Kings of Ireland