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1. Ireland early days
2. 1541 to 1937
3. High Kings of Ireland
4. The Glorious Revolution

1541 The Irish Chieftain parliament recognised Henry VIII as king of Ireland in return for peerages and wealth.

1579 The Desmond Rebellion was suppressed, lands were confiscated and English settlers were introduced in an attempt to pacify the island.

1610 James I again introduced settlers, declaring the plantation of Ulster and sending Protestants from England and Scotland.

1641 The Catholic Irish rebelled against English rule.

1649-1650 Oliver Cromwell of England most brutally suppressed the rebellion and evicted Irish landowners giving their land to Protestant settlers.

1689-1681 Catholic Irish supported Pro-Catholic James II against Protestant William III in Williamite civil war. Upon losing new laws barred Catholics from holding both wealth or power.

1720 British Parliament passes act to legislate for Ireland.

1739-1741 Great Famine kills thousands.

1798 The Irish revolt with French support, but are defeated.

1800-1801 The Act of Union.
Ireland's parliament is abolished. Union Of Great Britain and Ireland declared by the English Parliament.

1846-1851 Potato Famine kills thousands, there is a mass emigration of people toother shores.

1886 The home rule bill is rejected.

1905 Political Party Sinn Fein (or Ourselves alone) is formed.

1914 The Home rule act is delayed due to the first world war and as Ulster is close to Civil War to resist the Act.

1916 The Easter rising. Nationalists proclaimed a republic in Dublin and conflict ensues between the British military and insurgents. Fifteen leaders of the uprising are executed.

1919-21 Sinn Fein members of Parliament form an Irish Parliament in Dublin, to defy the English Parliament. An Irish insurrection against British rule followed, leading to the Anglo Irish treaty which partitioned Ireland. The south won full self government dominion status and the North (Ulster) remained under British rule.

Some more general events in Irish history

1922 The Irish free state was created as a Dominion within the British Empire.

1922-1923 Civil war arose between those factions who wished to see a fully united country of Ireland and those who wished for the state of Northern Ireland, to remain under the control of the United Kingdom.

1937 A new constitution declared the sovereign nation of Eire to include the whole of Ireland. The oath of loyalty to the English Crown was now abolished.


Ireland history notes
1541 to 1937