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Egypt Pharaoh Chronology

Date - Pharaoh - Dynasty

88 BC Ptolemy IX

81 BC Ptolemy XI

80 BC Ptolemy XII

58 BC Cleopatra V & Cleopatra VI & Berenice IV

55 BC Ptolemy XII

51 BC Ptolemy XIII & Cleopatra VII

47 BC Ptolemy XIV & Cleopatra VII

44 BC Ptolemy XV (Son of Julius Caesar & Cleopatra VII)

30 BC Cleopatra VII and Roman Mark Antony commit suicide.
Egypt becomes a province of Rome.

Dear Visitor,

When you examine the long list of names written above of those individual humans that have long since departed from earth and most of which may be quickly forgotten (unless you should be lucky enough to posses a photographic memory), you may mostly find them to be irrelevant to your searches or research.

It may however be worth remembering that each one of these individuals represent a domino of history as each one has at some level affected the life course of the next individual that represents yet another domino within the great circle of time.

The actual listed dates that exist within all history have always been regarded as the most ‘important’ subject matter with much emphasis put on date discovering and remembering.

But if you should ponder the general circle of time, you may discover that actually understanding the effects that human dominoes have had upon on the next, is much more important than basic year number recall.

Ponder also that you too as an individual are an important domino within the circle of time and that your own life whatever it’s course may follow, will somehow affect yet another domino that will also follow you through life. Peace to everyone.

Yours - Sandy Knowledge -

Egypt history notes
Cleopatra VII and Roman Mark Antony

Egypt history notes
1. Egypt Pharaoh Chronology
2. Pharaoh Dynasty
3. 730BC to 101BC
4. Cleopatra VII
and Roman Mark Antony