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Sory of The Terrifying Bad Breathed Dragon

“Excuse me!” said Elizabeth firmly looking upward into the dragons dark green eyes. “Do you mind not spitting fire! You could cause a forest fire you know!”

The dragon looked rather surprised, and huffed to itself. “Huh?” it huffed again gently, and then bent it’s large head downward to look directly at Elizabeth. “Sorry!” it said apologetically in a deep voice. “I only spit fire when I am in pain, it’s a dragon thing, I do not want to burn trees or harm anything else for that matter.”

“In pain!” exclaimed Elizabeth more horrified at that, than the huge, terrifying creature stood directly in front of her. “Where does it hurt?” she asked with concern.

“In my foot” replied the red dragon, nudging his front leg as best he could with his large head. “Right here!”

Elizabeth bent forward, examining the dragons foot. Then she spotted a large thistle caught between the dragons toes. ”I can see what the problem is!” she said calmly, and pulled a large thistle from the dragons foot.

“Oh!” said the dragon, looking quite pleased. “That is much better, now there is no pain!” It’s large head moved toward Elizabeth and the dragon kissed her quite gently. “How can I ever thank you!” the dragon added.

Elizabeth moved her head back, without trying to hurt the dragons feelings. ”Well,” she sniffed. “I think that your breath could need a little attention, it has a really bad odour!”

“Sorry!” apologised the dragon. “But dragons can not really clean their teeth, and that is whey we have bad breath.“

Elizabeth thought for a moment, then reached into her pocket. “Maybe this can help?” she said, and then held up her brand new, unused hair brush. “If you could just smile for a moment” she asked of the dragon.

The dragon gave a large friendly smile, while for her part Elizabeth held her nose closed with one hand, and the brush up to the dragons teeth with the other. Dipping the hairbrush into a pool of water next to her, then swiftly moving the brush upward and downward very quickly, Elizabeth brushed the dragons teeth until they shone clean and smell free.

“That is better!” Elizabeth said, now satisfied with the clean, and now non smelling teeth of the dragon.

“Excellent!” exclaimed the dragon. “You are my new best friend!”

“And you are mine!” said Elizabeth with a smile. “What may I ask is your name?.. I am called Elizabeth.“

“That is a a nice name.. Hello there Elizabeth” smiled the dragon, and it then said sadly. “I do not have a name myself, though I have heard that people call me terrifying, and for some strange reason scream and run away when I come along?”

“Well?” said Elizabeth, patting the dragon affectionately on it’s nose. “That just proves how silly people are, fancy running away and being scared just because of the way someone looks.. It’s what is inside that counts!” She thought for a moment, “Terrifying, stuff and nonsense!.. I shall just call you Terry!”

“I like that!” exclaimed Terry the dragon, very happy with his new name. “I like that very much!”

And from then on, Terry (the now sweet breathed dragon) and Elizabeth became friends who lived happily ever after. [ More]

Story of The Terrifying Bad Breathed Dragon

Once upon a very long time ago, there was much fear amongst the peaceful people of tree land. The forest people were very afraid of a terrifying red dragon, which, it was said, spat fire so hot that it could burn a challenging knight to pieces, and that whose breath was so bad, that it would make the very air un-breathable.

A little girl called Elizabeth had heard of this old tale of a terrifying dragon, as had all the other children of the village, but unlike them she was not afraid of such stories. But one fine day, as Elizabeth walked with five of her friends in the woods, she, and they, heard the most terrifying roar. Within moments of hearing this really frightening roar the very ground shook violently beneath their feet, sending clouds of dry dust up into the air.

“Look!” shouted one of the children and he pointed toward the trees ahead. In the distance two huge oak trees parted, and the large head of a very red, and very angry looking fierce dragon appeared. “Run!” the same boy cried at the top of his voice.

All the children ran away as quickly as they could back toward their village to warn the villagers. All that is, except Elizabeth. She stood motionless, fascinated by the large red dragon creature that had parted the huge trees, and was now walking slowly toward her, the ground trembling with each stomp of the creatures heavy feet.

Fire spat forward from the dragons nostrils as it stood to a halt in front of Elizabeth, orange flames making some leaves instantly burn and crackle on the tree branches that were reaching out above her head.

The Terrifying Bad Breath Dragon


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