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Introduced by penguin person General Reggie Chill Knowledge :-)

Horoscopes and astrology notes

First, I have another question for you ...

Do you know what the worst disease on the planet is and has always been? With so many diseases to choose from throughout time it is difficult to choose just one isn't it.

Well, I will tell you without much ado it is quite a simple answer, the worst disease is the worry bug second only to the human greed pandemic illness.

It is a nasty little something that you cannot actually see or even be sure actually exists physically, but it really is an evil little bug that could be present in your own mind at some time or another. The things that this disease can cause are many, stress, pain, sweating, sleepless nights, you name it, it can be an effect of it. The cure though is quite simple, effective and timeless.

Chill out my human buddy, just chill out. Take time to think of only pleasant things and that old worry bug will be crushed like a, err, well, a crush-ie type thing.

Are you now, or have you ever been worried about what the day might bring and want some insight as to what will happen?

Well you only join the countless other humans throughout time who have wondered the same thing and sought the answer through horoscopes, astrology and predictions.

This horoscope prediction thing is quite a complicated process, governed by the study of planet alignments and their relationships. Some believe and have faith that real events can be predicted by this way of study, some do not.

The choice however, is up to the individual human and their own ability to make their minds up about it. But, whatever your faith in this sort of thing, and whatever you may think or decide, tomorrow is another day, and what you actually make of that twenty four hours, is up to you alone, whether it is predicted correctly, or not.

Thank you for visiting, don't worry about a thing, chill out, and visit my next page link if you have a mind too. Mellow and happy surfing buddy... [ More]

Sign = The "time" and "observer" of possibilities

Aquarius - Water Bearer - January 20 - February 18

Today the sun is going to shine above the clouds,

and if you really wish it, you will feel fine.

Pisces - Fish - February 19-March 20

Daily Horoscope

Today the moon will rise in the evening, and if you

really have a mind too, you will have enjoyed the day.

Aries - Ram - March 21 - April 19

Daily Horoscope

Today the sea will again lap the sandy shores, and you will keep calm, if of course you really wish too.

Taurus - Bull - April 20 - May 20

Daily Horoscope

Today the wind will blow, and it will clear all your worries away, if you would like it to do so.

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