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1970's AD, World wide evolution causes demand for more and more oil and the price rises accordingly. This brings much wealth to the country and rapid expansion of the economy.

1975 AD, A single party system is introduced by the Shah.

1977 AD, Eldest son of exiled religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini dies in what is seen as suspicious circumstances. Subsequent demonstrations by theology students result in six of their deaths by security forces.

1978 AD, Ayatollah Khomeini who is living in France, organises opposition to the Shahs rule and the religious leader demands a return to the principles of peaceful Islam and it's core values. Demonstrators are killed by the hundred in Jaleh Square within the capital Tehran as troops seek to restore order.

1979 AD, Both religious leaders and students unite to demonstrate and the Shah leaves the country. Ayatollah Khomeini returns to Iran and forms a non party Islamic theocratic state. The United States economy is boycotted due mainly to their support of the Shah and 66 hostages are taken at the American embassy in Tehran by Revolutionary factions (released 1981 AD).

1980 AD Exiled Shah dies and Iraq invades Iran (at war until 1990).


Shah Dynasty

1501 -1722 Safavid dynasty

1779-1797 Agha Muhammad Qajar Dynasty

1797-1834 Fath Ali Qajar Dynasty

1834-1848 Muhammad Qajar Dynasty

1848-1896 Nasir-ud-Din Qajar Dynasty

1896-1907 Mazaffar-ud-Din Qajar Dynasty

1907-1909 Mohammed Ali Qajar Dynasty

1909-1925 Ahmad Mirza Qajar Dynasty

1925-1941 Mohammed Reza Khan Pahlavi Dynasty

1941-1979 Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Pahlavi Dynasty

Tehran is the Capital City Of Iran

Iran history notes
Shah Dynasty

Iran history notes
1. 200BC to 449BC
2. 330BC to 1953AD
3. Shah Dynasty