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Introduced by penguin person General Phal Ganges Knowledge :-)

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Hello Buddy...  Welcome to my India - Bangladesh - Pakistan History notes...

This is a short general history page of very turbulent times, the tragic fruits of which are all too apparent, and are still growing strong upon today's planet Earth.

When a single country is divided to please conflicting, various factions, the repercussions can sometimes be felt throughout all of your human history.

A lesson to be learnt here for all you human folks on what divisions can cause.

India - Bangladesh - Pakistan

British rule in India ended peacefully in 1947 with the India independence act', as Great Britain sought to finally dismantle it's dictatorial Empire, and create a commonwealth of free, partnership nations instead.

However, as the universally unwanted, but ultimately uniting force of  British rule ended, the many old divisions of religious, cultural and political differences re-emerged to virulently plague the country with violence.

A civil war of religious faith that had led to loss of life in 1946 between Muslim and Hindu faith followers, needed an urgent solution.

The British parliament tried to create it's own final solution to these complex problems, and in July 1947 a demarcation was established creating a new country called Pakistan (in the west), for followers of the Muslim faith within the borders of old' India, and for the followers of the Hindu faith, created a new' somewhat smaller India.

Contentment over these areas of influence had not been gained, and the Punjab and Bengal areas of old' India were then transferred to the Muslim faith followers, creating an (eastern) Pakistan, that was divided by a large slice of land (1000 miles, consisting of the new' India), from it's controlling master (West) Pakistan.

These well intentioned divisions of old' India, to please as many different factions as possible, were to have catastrophic results.

There was a mass and violent migration of peoples who wished to live within the zone of control of their various faiths and cultures. Muslims, Hindus and Sikh faith followers, all clashed as they sought their new independence resulting in the premature deaths of nearly a million people.

The new country of Pakistan and the new' India also indulged in a brief border war at this time, over the hotly disputed Kashmir area, beginning strong tensions between the two countries that still last today.


In 1971 (East) Pakistan, with a much larger Bengali population than it's (West) Pakistan Punjabi armed forces dominant controlling master, achieved independence after a vicious civil war. (The large Bengali population of the East had suffered intense political exclusion and discrimination, which in turn led to the army of West Pakistan joining forces with fundamentalist Islamic armed militias to indulge in the genocidal extermination of approximately three million Hindu Bengali citizens, which had centred on all educated members of this particular faith, such as doctors, students, teachers and democratically elected politicians).

The population of West Pakistan were rescued by the intervention of the armed forces of the new' India, (who had also housed around ten million refugees fleeing the atrocities) and renamed their new country Bangladesh (meaning free Bengal').

India history notes
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