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The Ship's Log of Sir Francis Drake and his around the world voyage.

Nov 15 1577 Pelican left Plymouth harbour but returned owing to contrary winds.

Dec 13 1577 Pelican left Plymouth again with 4 ships (Elizabeth, Swan, Marigold, and Benedict).

Jun 20 1578 Off the east coast of South America at Port Julian South of the river Plate. Captain Thomas Doughty was tried and executed for mutiny. The Ships Swan and Christopher were broken up as they were no longer needed. The Stores and crew members were transferred to remaining ships. Pelican renamed Golden Hind.

Aug 20 1578 Entered The Straits of Magellan.

Sep 6 1578 Reached the Pacific.

Sep 30 1578 Marigold lost. Golden Hind and Elizabeth blown 300 miles south to Cape Horn.

Oct 7 1578 A Violent squall separates the Golden Hind and Elizabeth (Under Captain Winter). Elizabeth (Captain Winter) waits for Drake but then returns home.

Dec 5 1578 Raid on Valparaiso and Captures a Spanish ship carrying gold and wines. Refitted here.

Mar 1 1579 Took the Nuestra Senora de la Conception nicknamed Cacafuego by her crew. 80lb gold (main cargo), 13 chests of pieces of eight, 26 tons of silver (used for ballast) also chests of jewels and peals. Also captured 2 pacific pilots on the ship.

Apr 15 1579 Reach Central America.

Jun 1 1579 Latitude 48N (now Vancouver). North West route considered too great a hazard. Returned to New Albion.

Jul 23 1579 Left New Albion.

Oct 16 1579 Reached Philippines Islands.

Nov 3 1579 Reached Spice Islands (Moluccas). Trade relations were established with the Sultan of Ternate and six tons of cloves were taken aboard.

Jan 9 1580 The Golden Hinde struck a reef and 8 cannon with also 3 tons of cloves were jettisoned overboard. The wind then changed and the ship slid off the reef.

Mar 26 1580 Hinde Reached Java then left for the Cape of Good Hope.

July 22 1580 Ship Reached Sierra Leone sailing none stop since leaving Java.

Sep 26 1580 Returned to Plymouth where as the Golden Hinde berthed Drake leaned over the side and enquired as to the Queens health. [ More]

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