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Now ask yourself why you would entrust such vital decisions to countries we have had no reason to trust in the past (in some cases the very recent past) Germany, apart from two major wars they couldn't even stand by their allies , turning on both the USSR and Italy. I know, that was Hitler, but the people followed and I haven't seen anything to make me think things have changed over there. Foreign workers are openly insulted, asylum seekers spat upon, Jewish cemeteries desecrated. France, well little needs to be said. Despite us liberating them and allowing the useless De-Gaulle to lead the victory parade, he turned around and kept us out of the Common Market for years. They sold weapons to the Argentineans DURING the Falklands conflict and as such are directly responsible for the deaths of British soldiers. They created a situation that ensured the Iraq war would take place without UN backing. In short they have shown themselves to untrustworthy and disloyal.

Now ask yourself who has shown themselves to be loyal and supportive over the years. Without American help we would undoubtedly be living in a very different Europe today and this debate would not be taking place. Without their help there is a very good chance the rest of Europe would have gone the way of the eastern block and this debate would not be taking place. Yes they talk funny, they are loud and they can't always shoot straight, but, they are also the warmest, most loyal, reliable friends this country has ever known and we would do well to remember it. Ask yourself who you would want on your side if the chips were down, then ask yourself why you would favour an alliance with Europe over an alliance with the USA? When I speak about Germany or France I am speaking about their governments, but when I speak about America I speak about both. Ask yourself if you do the same.

Ann Cahill 2003 (Author)

Not everyone may agree with this point of view.

Your own written views and submissions welcome.


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